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wragge / nsw_naturalisations_countries_of_origin.csv
Created Feb 19, 2019
Countries of origin from NSW naturalisation data, 1834-1903.
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NativePlace Count
Germany 3170
Sweden 700
Prussia 598
China 530
Denmark 522
Canton, China 484
France 352
Italy 314
Norway 288
wragge / words_before_immigrants_in_Trove_newspapers.csv
Created Jan 26, 2019
Words occurring before the word 'immigrants' in Trove's digitised newspapers with a frequency greater than 100
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word count
assisted 11000
prohibited 10234
tho 8728
british 7524
chinese 7045
government 5764
italian 5513
german 4758
desirable 4587
wragge / bulletin_kwic_chinese.txt
Created Jan 25, 2019
Occurences of the word 'Chinese' in The Bulletin, 1880-1968
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This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
...joys, appear to be a little behind the age. A new Chinese theatre has been opened in San Francisco, which i...
...e orchestral music filled the large building with Chinese melody, all present forgot thatthey were in a for...
...ed for nearly four months, aud ''Kerry ' and “The Chinese Question” (with that admirable make-up of “Those ...
... case. But the Gover- nor who struck oil when the Chinese— —No matter! The reader, we presume exclaims —“Bu...
... pamphlet advocating the use of Indian as against Chinese teas. The latter are being extensively and dele-t...
...onary steamer, was at Teste Island, New Guinea. A Chinese junk has been attacked by New Guinea natives, who...
...Flour is not procurable there. On February 14th a Chinese storekeeper sold the last oft some bad flour at £...
...of the colony, which should be read by every one. Chinese allege that they have only been forced to “ knock...
wragge / closed-2018-closedperiod.csv
Created Jan 1, 2019
Files in the National Archives of Australia closed in 2018 citing 'Closed period'
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We can make this file beautiful and searchable if this error is corrected: It looks like row 6 should actually have 12 columns, instead of 10. in line 5.
5242437,M4443,19,Correspondence – subject – CAIFU [Chinese Association for International Understanding] visit 1994,Aug 1993 - Apr 1994,1993-08-01,1994-04-01,Canberra,Closed,14 Mar 2018,2018-03-14,Closed period
7114228,M3128,1737,UN Security Council 1990 - 1994,Dec 1990 - Dec 1994,1990-12-01,1994-12-01,Canberra,Closed,18 Apr 2018,2018-04-18,Closed period
7114259,M3128,1766 PART 2,East Timor 3 Pt 2,1995 - 1999,1995-01-01,1999-01-01,Canberra,Closed,14 Mar 2018,2018-03-14,Closed period
9150475,A463,1997/4469,Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal - implementation ANS,1987 - 1998,1987-01-01,1998-01-01,Canberra,Closed,25 Jul 2018,2018-07-25,Closed period
11975845,C321,N1992/521316,"Michaels, Rick [Asaad, Michael; Asaad, Rick; Giaconia, James Christopher] [Department of Immigration NSW case file]",1992 - 2002,1992-01-01,2002-01-01,Sydney,Closed,20 J
wragge / M880-closed-period.csv
Created Jan 1, 2019
Files in NAA series M880 closed as 'closed period' in 2018 even though their contents dates put them in the open period
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We can make this file beautiful and searchable if this error is corrected: It looks like row 8 should actually have 12 columns, instead of 10. in line 7.
31092875,M880,600,Treasurer - Opposition economic policy,1989 - 1989,1989-01-01,1989-01-01,Canberra,Closed,02 Jan 2018,2018-01-02,Closed period
31092876,M880,601,Economic policy,1989 - 1989,1989-01-01,1989-01-01,Canberra,Closed,02 Jan 2018,2018-01-02,Closed period
31092894,M880,619,Treasurer - Exchange rate,1989 - 1989,1989-01-01,1989-01-01,Canberra,Closed,02 Jan 2018,2018-01-02,Closed period
31092900,M880,625,Treasurer - Economy,1989 - 1989,1989-01-01,1989-01-01,Canberra,Closed,02 Jan 2018,2018-01-02,Closed period
31092902,M880,627,Treasurer - Debt,1989 - 1989,1989-01-01,1989-01-01,Canberra,Closed,02 Jan 2018,2018-01-02,Closed period
31092913,M880,638,Treasurer - CPI,1989 - 1989,1989-01-01,1989-01-01,Canberra,Closed,03 Jan 2018,2018-01-03,Closed period
31092929,M880,654,Third runway,1990 - 1991,1990-01-01,1991-01-01,Canberra,Closed,03 Jan
wragge / digitalnz_country_totals.csv
Created Nov 9, 2018
Results in DigitalNZ by country (these are found by a bounding box search, so only geocoded results are returned)
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alpha_code country numeric_code results
AF Afghanistan 4 2
AX Åland Islands 248 0
AL Albania 8 1
DZ Algeria 12 6
AS American Samoa 16 0
AD Andorra 20 0
AO Angola 24 0
AI Anguilla 660 0
AQ Antarctica 10 18366
wragge / cats.csv
Created Oct 8, 2018
Photos in Trove with the subject 'cats'
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We can make this file beautiful and searchable if this error is corrected: It looks like row 9 should actually have 6 columns, instead of 3. in line 8.
1959,NSL,"36 Fairfax Road (Bellevue Hill, N.S.W.)|brick walls|cats|storm damage",11803048,10152990,
1910-1914,ANL,Cats -- Photographs,12146091,10428898,
1870-1875,NSL,Hill End (N.S.W.)|cats|chimneys|corrugated iron roofs|houses|mothers,12335007,10576730,
1937-10-29,NSL,"J.C. Williamson (Firm)|Jay, Tommy|Sydney (N.S.W.)|cats|performers",12455322,10677410,
1937-10-29,NSL,"J.C. Williamson (Firm)|Jay, Tommy|Sydney (N.S.W.)|cats|performers",12455325,10677414,
1870-1875,NSL,Hill End (N.S.W.)|bark roofs|cats|historic buildings|houses,12586169,10781547,
1870-1875,NSL,Gulgong (N.S.W.)|bark huts & houses|barrels|horsedrawn carts|cats|chimneys|dogs
wragge /
Last active Jun 14, 2018
Text of a Facebook post in the Australian Historical Association group, 14 June 2018.

Posted to Australian Historical Association Facebook group, 14 June 2018

Recent government decisions about research infrastructure funding are, of course, disappointing for the humanities — particularly those of us who have working in the digital realm. But we need to remember that at it’s heart infrastructure is people, and there is much we can do now — right now, starting today — to support and develop capacity for digital research in the humanities. For example:

  • Ensure that people get appropriate recognition for digital projects in hiring and promotion processes. The Modern Language Assoc and the American Historical Assoc have both developed guidelines around this — it would be great to see this addressed in Australia.

  • Find ways to reward and encourage openness in the sharing of skills, tools, resources, data, and code. I have learnt so much through the generosity of others in the DH community, but we nee

wragge / bulletin_issues.csv
Last active Jun 22, 2018
Issues of the Bulletin available in Trove
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id label volume number date pages
nla.obj-124654480 1 1880-01-31 8
nla.obj-188284455 2 1880-02-07 8
nla.obj-188537163 3 1880-02-14 8
nla.obj-125527104 4 1880-02-21 8
nla.obj-201081027 5 1880-02-28 8
nla.obj-125534622 6 1880-03-06 8
nla.obj-201334002 7 1880-03-13 8
nla.obj-125535846 8 1880-03-20 8
nla.obj-201347662 9 1880-03-27 8
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