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Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am wragge on github.
  • I am wragge ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASD92biquvI-sNM0M9TNP2jaS3vQn_1NQPAUU0YK2Dm-Wwo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

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import subprocess
from pymongo import MongoClient
import time
import random
import argparse
from credentials import MONGO_URL
'hofreps': 'House of Representatives',

Getting the text content of articles from the Australian Womens Weekly

The TroveHarvester makes it easy to download articles in bulk from Trove's digitised newspapers. Using the --text option you can also save the fulltext content of every article.

However, this doesn't work for the Australian Womens' Weekly as the full text is not available through the Trove API. Fortunately, the article text can be downloaded from the web interface.

The one-line script below uses wget, so make sure you have it installed before you go any further. (You can install it with Homebrew if you're using a Mac.)




* 1971                                     0.999590684514
* 1969                                     0.999531189763
* 1972                                     0.99943879755
* 1968                                     0.99938776453
* 1967                                     0.999269072854
* 1973                                     0.998769846893
* 1974                                     0.998373370334
* 1975                                     0.998230585413

HOWSON, Peter (LP)

* VINER, Ian (LP)                          0.990147362266
* HUNT, Ralph (NCP/NP)                     0.989726340705
* BOWEN, Nigel (LP)                        0.989052644404
* SWARTZ, Reginald (LP)                    0.988994723622
* NEWMAN, Kevin (LP)                       0.988793740506
* GROOM, Ray (LP)                          0.988658546299
* EVERINGHAM, Douglas (ALP)                0.988432787038
* STEWART, Francis (ALP)                   0.98833413308
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kanakas 0.0725222278008
stripper 0.0604896801498
employes 0.0599783041901
increments 0.0539607103026
creswell 0.0528185096992
drawback 0.0528185096992
masters 0.0528185096992
slanders 0.0528185096992
Term Number of agencies Included in thesaurus
administrative law 169 crsthesaurus, agift1, agift2, agift3, recordsearch
administrative services 3 crsthesaurus, recordsearch
agriculture 118 crsthesaurus, recordsearch
air force 21 crsthesaurus, agift2, agift3, recordsearch
air force administration 23 crsthesaurus, recordsearch
air force commands 77 crsthesaurus, recordsearch
air operations 140 crsthesaurus, recordsearch
air safety 6 crsthesaurus, recordsearch

[Title withheld] -- access and surveillance in the archives

The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) was established in 1949 amidst Cold War fears of spies and secrets (Horner, 2014). In the decades that followed, ASIO compiled many thousands of dossiers on people and organisations who might pose a threat to the nation -- these included communists, writers, academics, scientists, unionists, and Indigenous rights activists. One historian has estimated that hundreds of thousands of files were created (McKnight, 2014).

Under the Australian Archives Act, the public has a right to access government records more than twenty years old. This is subject to exemptions on grounds such as national security and privacy. Exemptions are assessed and applied as part of a process known as 'access examination' (National Archives of Australia, 2016).

Unlike other government agencies, ASIO does not have to disclose information about its records. You can, however, ask whether they hold a file on a particular