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Recent government decisions about research infrastructure funding are, of course, disappointing for the humanities — particularly those of us who have working in the digital realm. But we need to remember that at it’s heart infrastructure is people, and there is much we can do now — right now, starting today — to support and develop capacity for digital research in the humanities. For example:

  • Ensure that people get appropriate recognition for digital projects in hiring and promotion processes. The Modern Language Assoc and the American Historical Assoc have both developed guidelines around this — it would be great to see this addressed in Australia.

  • Find ways to reward and encourage openness in the sharing of skills, tools, resources, data, and code. I have learnt so much through the generosity of others in the DH community, but we nee

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nla.obj-124654480 1 1880-01-31 8
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nla.obj-188537163 3 1880-02-14 8
nla.obj-125527104 4 1880-02-21 8
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Access status,Accession,Agency,Alternative no.,Box/Item,Date,Former archives ref,Item ID,Part,Record group,Record no.,Record type,Sep,Series,Title
OPEN ACCESS,,ACGO,,2254 /,no date - no date,IA1,R14991199,,IA1,105/45,Text,,8333,Local Bodies - Chinese sick and wounded fund - Granted by Local Bodies (R14991199)
OPEN ACCESS,,ACGO,,2282 /,no date - no date,IA1,R14992099,,IA1,113/35,Text,,8333,Museum - Chinese curios - Gift from Rewi Alley to Christchurch Museum (R14992099)
RESTRICTED ACCESS,,ACGO,,2821 /,no date - no date,IA1,R19964568,1,IA1,116/2/18,Text,,8333,Chinese citizens naturalised in New Zealand - Lists of (R19964568)
RESTRICTED ACCESS,,ACGO,,2821 /,no date - no date,IA1,R19964569,2,IA1,116/2/18,Text,,8333,Chinese citizens naturalised in New Zealand - Lists of (R19964569)
RESTRICTED ACCESS,,ACGO,,2821 /,no date - no date,IA1,R19964570,3,IA1,116/2/18,Text,,8333,Chinese citizens naturalised in New Zealand - Lists of (R19964570)
RESTRICTED ACCESS,,ACGO,,2821 /,no date - no date,IA1,R19964571,4,IA1,116/2/18,
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Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am wragge on github.
  • I am wragge ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASD92biquvI-sNM0M9TNP2jaS3vQn_1NQPAUU0YK2Dm-Wwo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

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import subprocess
from pymongo import MongoClient
import time
import random
import argparse
from credentials import MONGO_URL
'hofreps': 'House of Representatives',

Getting the text content of articles from the Australian Womens Weekly

The TroveHarvester makes it easy to download articles in bulk from Trove's digitised newspapers. Using the --text option you can also save the fulltext content of every article.

However, this doesn't work for the Australian Womens' Weekly as the full text is not available through the Trove API. Fortunately, the article text can be downloaded from the web interface.

The one-line script below uses wget, so make sure you have it installed before you go any further. (You can install it with Homebrew if you're using a Mac.)




* 1971                                     0.999590684514
* 1969                                     0.999531189763
* 1972                                     0.99943879755
* 1968                                     0.99938776453
* 1967                                     0.999269072854
* 1973                                     0.998769846893
* 1974                                     0.998373370334
* 1975                                     0.998230585413

HOWSON, Peter (LP)

* VINER, Ian (LP)                          0.990147362266
* HUNT, Ralph (NCP/NP)                     0.989726340705
* BOWEN, Nigel (LP)                        0.989052644404
* SWARTZ, Reginald (LP)                    0.988994723622
* NEWMAN, Kevin (LP)                       0.988793740506
* GROOM, Ray (LP)                          0.988658546299
* EVERINGHAM, Douglas (ALP)                0.988432787038
* STEWART, Francis (ALP)                   0.98833413308