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Working from home

Peet wwhtrbbtt

Working from home
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const net = require('node:net');
const tls = require('node:tls');
const fs = require('node:fs');
const { Duplex } = require('node:stream');
const { Buffer } = require('node:buffer');
const createChannel = function () {
let promiseResolve;
let promise = new Promise((resolve) => {
promiseResolve = resolve;
wwhtrbbtt / cloudflare-sha256-function.js
Created November 13, 2022 10:41
The SHA256 function taken from cloudflares bot protection, deobfuscated.
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window.SHA256 = function (ay, aA, az) {
ay = (function (aD, aG, aF, aE) {
aD = aD.replace(/\r\n/g, '\n');
aE = '';
for (
aF = 0;
aF < aD.length;
aG = aD.charCodeAt(aF),
128 > aG
wwhtrbbtt / Wifi TLS fingerprint
Created March 15, 2022 11:44
Sniffs "client hello" packets from wifis and displays the ja3 and server_name extension.
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import logging
from scapy.all import *
import hashlib
def md5(s):
wwhtrbbtt / Go WASM.go
Created August 5, 2021 11:54
Golang web assembly program that utilizes AES encryption.
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package main
import (
random "math/rand"
View Get profile picture of arbitrary gmail
# PoC of getting the profile picture of any gmail address
# go into developer settings => storage => cookies
# paste cookies
# set EMAIl to email that you want to lookup
# enjoy
import requests
import time
import hashlib
wwhtrbbtt /
Created June 28, 2021 20:15
A small script to exploit discord embeds to get data about a name from NameMC.
import discord
import asyncio
from threading import Thread
from discord_webhook import DiscordWebhook
from time import sleep
from flask import Flask, jsonify
from datetime import datetime
WEBHOOK = "<webhook>"
TOKEN = "<bot-token>"
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import sys
import json
file = "file.ipynb"
with open(file, "r") as f:
raw =
lines = []
from random import choice
from time import sleep
from os import system
class Game():
def __init__(self, width=50, height=50, timeBetweenGenerations=0.1) -> None:
self.width = width
self.height = height