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Last active November 13, 2022 10:53
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Observations. Thoughts.


This gist is a part of my public notes. Here's the "sitemap" of the notes:

flowchart TD
  Notes -.-> Problem-based
  Notes --You are here--> Observations[<strong>Observations</strong>]
  Notes -.-> Logs
  Notes -.-> Challenges
  Notes -.-> Electronics

  click Problem-based ""
  click Observations ""
  click Logs ""
  click Challenges ""
  click Electronics ""

Problem-based · Observations · Logs · Challenges · Electronics

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wzulfikar commented Nov 9, 2022

Think small. Think atom.

# 🅰toms
# Molecules
# Organisms
# Templates
# Pages 🍰
🅰toms Molecules Organisms Templates Pages 🍰
1. letter word sentence greeting, intro "Hey John!"
"Hello there, I'm Wildan. Let's get in touch!"

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