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Hello world! 🌎

I write notes in this gist as comments. My original goal was to have a workflow where I can't have an excuse to not write. No websites to manage, no codes to push, no styles to update. Just write. I found Github gist fitting and I don't have issues with writing markdown.

This gist contains "problem-based", technical notes. I encounter a problem, I "google" the solution, I document the solution. Hopefully, I can accumulate the learning and don't have to google again when I encounter the same problem.

Besides problem-based, I also write my "TIL" notes here. They are the new things I learnt that often gave me that "nice" feeling when I first found about it.

There are other things I write like electronics, observations, etc. which I put in different gists. If you want to check it, here's the "sitemap" of all my notes:

flowchart TD
  Notes --You are here--> Problem-based[<strong>Problem-based</strong>]
  Notes -.-> Observations
  Notes -.-> Logs
  Notes -.-> Challenges
  Notes -.-> Electronics

  click Problem-based ""
  click Observations ""
  click Logs ""
  click Challenges ""
  click Electronics ""

Problem-based · Observations · Logs · Challenges · Electronics


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Tue, Oct 18, 2022
🧶 Problem: I want to find all node_modules folders
💡 Solution: Use find with -prune
🔗 Ref: SO comment
#️⃣ Tags: js cli
🔢 Encounters: 1

I'm curious how many node_modules folders I have accumulated and how many GB it cost me. I found the SO comment (in Ref) that suggests to use find with -prune to list all node_modules folders excluding its descendants (because node_modules can be nested). Note that I mostly use yarn and only recently started using pnpm.

The command to find all node_modules folders:

find . -type d -name node_modules -prune | tr '\n' '\0' |  xargs -0 du -sch

Turns out I have 110 node_modules folders, 31 GB in total. Maybe I should start deleting them.

Here's all my node_modules with their size, for my future reference

Note: some paths are masked (eg. "***") for privacy reason

size path
1 319M ./learn/nestjs-fundamentals/iluvcoffee/node_modules
2 197M ./learn/fireship/react-next-firebase/nextfire/node_modules
3 13M ./playground/ava-demo/node_modules
4 784M ./playground/my-solito-app/node_modules
5 0B ./playground/my-solito-app/apps/next/node_modules
6 59M ./playground/my-solito-app/apps/expo/node_modules
7 250M ./playground/my-turborepo/node_modules
8 0B ./playground/my-turborepo/packages/ui/node_modules
9 0B ./playground/my-turborepo/packages/eslint-config-custom/node_modules
10 196K ./playground/my-turborepo/apps/web/node_modules
11 196K ./playground/my-turborepo/apps/docs/node_modules
12 406M ./playground/taskbox/node_modules
13 494M ./playground/hocus2/node_modules
14 176M ./playground/node_modules
15 35M ./playground/hocuspocus/playground/frontend/node_modules
16 1.7M ./playground/hocuspocus/playground/backend/node_modules
17 732M ./playground/hocuspocus/node_modules
18 148K ./playground/hocuspocus/tests/node_modules
19 800K ./playground/hocuspocus/packages/extension-monitor/node_modules
20 0B ./playground/hocuspocus/packages/server/node_modules
21 196K ./playground/hocuspocus/packages/cli/node_modules
22 0B ./playground/hocuspocus/packages/extension-redis/node_modules
23 69M ./playground/total-typescript/advanced-typescript-workshop/node_modules
24 95M ./playground/total-typescript/beginners-typescript-tutorial/node_modules
25 32M ./playground/total-typescript/typescript-generics-workshop/node_modules
26 12M ./playground/total-typescript/type-transformations-workshop/node_modules
27 299M ./playground/rns-react-native-firebase-chat-app/node_modules
28 176M ./playground/qwik-app/node_modules
29 1.0M ./playground/faktory-node-require-jobs/node_modules
30 1.1G ./playground/nativebase-startup/node_modules
31 499M ./playground/hocus/node_modules
32 579M ./playground/nextron-tailwind/node_modules
33 333M ./playground/test-zustand/node_modules
34 145M ./playground/react-query-course/node_modules
35 305M ./playground/rns-WordleClone/node_modules
36 682M ./playground/csb-storybook-zeus/node_modules
37 280M ./playground/rns-over-the-air-update-class/node_modules
38 275M ./playground/kbar/node_modules
39 220M ./playground/slidev-multientry/node_modules
40 20M ./playground/cloudinary-folder-usage/node_modules
41 469M ./playground/expo-template-typescript-jest/node_modules
42 149M ./playground/test-zustand-vite/node_modules
43 93M ./playground/zod-tutorial/node_modules
44 245M ./playground/typesense-instantsearch-demo/node_modules
45 484M ./playground/trpc-prisma-starter/node_modules
46 1.3G ./ki***und/web_v2/node_modules
47 738M ./ki***und/web/node_modules
48 784M ./go****up/x-solito/node_modules
49 0B ./go****up/x-solito/apps/next/node_modules
50 59M ./go****up/x-solito/apps/expo/node_modules
51 1.6G ./go****up/app/node_modules
52 0B ./go****up/_tmp/next/node_modules
53 73M ./go****up/gsdb/node_modules
54 168M ./go****up/hasura/node_modules
55 265M ./go****up/mailer/node_modules
56 2.3G ./go****up/mono-template/node_modules
57 0B ./go****up/mono-template/packages/app/node_modules
58 0B ./go****up/mono-template/packages/test/node_modules
59 0B ./go****up/mono-template/packages/backend/node_modules
60 378M ./go****up/mono-template/packages/hocus/node_modules
61 1.7M ./go****up/mono-template/apps/next/node_modules
62 0B ./go****up/mono-template/apps/tauri/node_modules
63 0B ./go****up/mono-template/apps/expo/node_modules
64 377M ./go****up/mono-template/apps/nextron/node_modules
65 109M ./go****up/firebase-function-custom-user-claims/functions/node_modules
66 1.9G ./go****up/mobile/node_modules
67 0B ./go****up/mobile/packages/test/node_modules
68 0B ./go****up/mobile/packages/backend/node_modules
69 1.7M ./go****up/mobile/apps/next/node_modules
70 0B ./go****up/mobile/apps/expo/node_modules
71 377M ./go****up/mobile/apps/nextron/node_modules
72 691M ./go****up/api/node_modules
73 290M ./go****up/x/packages/app/node_modules
74 12M ./go****up/x/apps/next/node_modules
75 267M ./go****up/x/apps/next/.storybook/node_modules
76 355M ./go****up/x/apps/expo/node_modules
77 0B ./go****up/x/apps/nextron/node_modules
78 0B ./go****up/mono-template-old/packages/app/node_modules
79 0B ./go****up/mono-template-old/packages/test/node_modules
80 0B ./go****up/mono-template-old/packages/backend/node_modules
81 1.7M ./go****up/mono-template-old/apps/next/node_modules
82 268M ./go****up/mono-template-old/apps/next/.storybook/node_modules
83 0B ./go****up/mono-template-old/apps/expo/node_modules
84 5.4M ./gu****d/web/workspace/node_modules
85 1.0G ./gu****d/web/node_modules
86 13M ./github/tailwindui-storybook/node_modules
87 380M ./github/
88 93M ./github/slides/slidev-demo/node_modules
89 4.0K ./github/pr/node_modules
90 272M ./github/pr/pmndrs/node_modules
91 2.2G ./github/triv/node_modules
92 0B ./github/triv/packages/test/node_modules
93 0B ./github/triv/packages/backend/node_modules
94 126M ./github/triv/packages/hocus/node_modules
95 1.7M ./github/triv/apps/next/node_modules
96 0B ./github/triv/apps/tauri/node_modules
97 0B ./github/triv/apps/expo/node_modules
98 377M ./github/triv/apps/nextron/node_modules
99 28M ./github/csproject/node_modules
100 825M ./github/tg-sisubot/node_modules
101 284M ./github/devto/devto-nextjs-api-ts/node_modules
102 709M ./github/csb-storybook/node_modules
103 383M ./github/
104 1.3G ./github/sensible-meeting/body/node_modules
105 32M ./github/sensible-meeting/RPI/node_modules
106 12K ./github/threejs-journey/bruno-starter-pack/05-transform-objects/node_modules
107 152M ./github/threejs-journey/node_modules
108 11M ./github/threejs-journey/apps/vite-starter/node_modules
109 253M ./github/threejs-journey/apps/fiber-starter/node_modules
110 995M ./github/hypertwind/node_modules
31G total

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wzulfikar commented Oct 18, 2022

Wed, Oct 19, 2022
🧶 Problem: I want macOS to trigger a backup script when I plug in a microSD
💡 Solution: Use Apple Automator to trigger rsync
🔗 Ref: Apple Support Community
#️⃣ Tags: macOS automator workflow
🔢 Encounters: 1

I have 2 cameras that I use to record videos (DJI Pocket 2 and Akaso Brave 7). After recording some videos, I'll:

  1. take out the microSD from the camera
  2. plug it in to my card reader
  3. copy the videos to my SSD (I use rsync for this)
  4. plug out the microSD and put it back to the device.

I noticed the pattern and I thought it'd be good if I can automate number 3. I know I can trigger a script when a device mounted using systemd (eg. this gist) but macOS doesn't have systemd. So I googled and found the discussion in Apple Support Community (see Ref). Turns out I can us Automator for that.


Automator script:

device=$(basename $@)

[ ! -f "$script" ] && exit 1

osascript -e "display dialog \"Syncing $@..\" giving up after 5"


osascript -e "display dialog \"Sync completed for $@\"" script (eg. located in /Volumes/wzulfikar/Devices/DJIPOCKET2/



echo "Syncing $source to $target"

rsync -rP --ignore-existing $source $target


When doing this, I also learnt that Automator stores its scripts in ~/Library/Workflows/Applications. Here's how my Folder Actions script look like in that directory:

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