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Created March 23, 2016 19:26
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Writing a C extension for Ruby to parse and unparse OSC messages

This is a note for myself more than anything. I've started on a wrapper for the rtosc library

The aim is to make a gem called FastOsc that will have two methods

FastOsc.serialise(["/aa", "foo", "bar"]) #=> "/aa\x00ss\x00\x00foo\x00bar\x00"
FastOsc.deserialise("/aa\x00ss\x00\x00foo\x00bar\x00") #=> ["foo", "bar"]

This followed from the rtosc library author giving me a really helpful response. fundamental/rtosc#28

A selection of sources that helped with this

Linking static/dynamic libraries dyld lazy symbol binding failed: symbol not found postmodern/ffi-hunspell#10 (I was linking the headers but not the libs .a file) Super useful post on setting up extconf.rb to find headers and libs implicit self and "what does VALUE return?"

Ruby C API guides

This jcoglan blog was super useful at bootstrapping a gem with ext and rake-compile Tenderlove blog posts The guide (README.EXT) a bit out of date now pdf guide Pickaxe section


xml4r (early nokogiri?) example of StringValuePtr for constant char array srawlins/gmp#6

FFI stuff that I didn't end up going with FFI over liblo Flexible array members (size_t) seem tricky in FFI ffi/ffi#436

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