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Created December 25, 2011 07:00
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my .ctags(exuberant-ctags) for Clojure
--regex-clojure=/\([ \t]*create-ns[ \t]+([-[:alnum:]*+!_:\/.?]+)/\1/n,namespace/
--regex-clojure=/\([ \t]*def[ \t]+([-[:alnum:]*+!_:\/.?]+)/\1/d,definition/
--regex-clojure=/\([ \t]*defn[ \t]+([-[:alnum:]*+!_:\/.?]+)/\1/f,function/
--regex-clojure=/\([ \t]*defn-[ \t]+([-[:alnum:]*+!_:\/.?]+)/\1/p,private function/
--regex-clojure=/\([ \t]*defmacro[ \t]+([-[:alnum:]*+!_:\/.?]+)/\1/m,macro/
--regex-clojure=/\([ \t]*definline[ \t]+([-[:alnum:]*+!_:\/.?]+)/\1/i,inline/
--regex-clojure=/\([ \t]*defmulti[ \t]+([-[:alnum:]*+!_:\/.?]+)/\1/a,multimethod definition/
--regex-clojure=/\([ \t]*defmethod[ \t]+([-[:alnum:]*+!_:\/.?]+)/\1/b,multimethod instance/
--regex-clojure=/\([ \t]*defonce[ \t]+([-[:alnum:]*+!_:\/.?]+)/\1/c,definition (once)/
--regex-clojure=/\([ \t]*defstruct[ \t]+([-[:alnum:]*+!_:\/.?]+)/\1/s,struct/
--regex-clojure=/\([ \t]*intern[ \t]+([-[:alnum:]*+!_:\/.?]+)/\1/v,intern/
--regex-clojure=/\([ \t]*ns[ \t]+([-[:alnum:]*+!_:\/.?]+)/\1/n,namespace/
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masatake commented Aug 5, 2014

Hi, I am co-maintainer of fishman/ctags, a fork of exuberant ctags.
I'm working on introducing a facility of .ctags library to ctags.
Some ideas are written in universal-ctags/ctags#44.

I would like to merge your .ctags for clojure language to fishman/ctags.

If you permits to merge, could you add copyright notice to your
.ctags? Lines started from # in .ctags is considered as comments.

See universal-ctags/ctags#9

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maio commented May 14, 2015


I'm also using this for .cljx / .cljs files


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