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Necessary Study For Being a Clever Youkai


Introductory statistics at minimum. p-values, different significance tests, precision vs. accuracy, sampling and bias.

Basic Computer Skills


Speed and use of keyboard shortcuts to the point that a mouse is unnecessary for 70%+ of tasks


Understand filesystem, ability to navigate a unix shell.

  • ls, cd, pwd, tail, tee, strings, rm, patch, nohup, more, mkdir, man, ls, ln, kill, grep, find, fg, echo, du, diff, df, dd, date, cut, cp, chown, chmod, chgrp, cd, cat, bg, alias, sudo, umount
  • extra credit: sed/awk, emacs/vi, curl, which, mkfs, lsblk, blkid

Any Programming Language

Pick one and learn it. Be able to implement classic algorithms.

  • fibonacci, GCD, primes, sorting, summation, …

Hopefully understand the classic data structures too.

  • contiguous array, linked list, tree, graph, …


Basic knowledge useful for solving common puzzles.

  • Randomness
  • Information theory


  • rotation ciphers
  • substitution ciphers


  • Base64
  • Base 16
  • Base 2


  • JPEG artifacts and image manipulation
  • Spectrograms
  • Acrostics

Modern cryptography

basic understanding of

  • RSA
  • PGP


Export control

Biology and Anthropology

Overview of Biology

AP/University intro level… must be taught by a sentient being that has engaging examples.

Human Behavioral Biology

Strengths and weaknesses of: evolutionary biology, molecular genetics, behavioral genetics, neuroscience, endocrinology (& microbiome) as they apply to human behavior.

Historic Events

The Holocaust

esp. leadership structure and processes

Cambodian Genocide Khmer Rouge

Including Anti-Intellectualism and “confessions”

Stonewall Riots

All of these need to include context, of course…

McCarthyism and Red Scare

Witch hunting and demagoguery.

Salem Witch Trials

speaking of witch hunts

Moscow Trials

when the government accuses you of being a traitor and executes you because it doesn’t like you

Nanjing Massacre

Military occupation/invasion means your city is filled with a bunch of rude, tense males that have been told that your country is evil.

Bombing of Hirojima and Nagasaki

SPECIFICALLY the reasons the president had for it, and looking at US-USSR relations.

Indian Removal Act of 1830

“A pile of American bison skulls – they were hunted almost to extinction in the 1870s. The United States Army encouraged these massive hunts to force Native Americans off their traditional lands and into reservations further west.”

Rwandan Genocide

Note the race tensions as a result of German and Belgian colonialism and preferential treatment of the Hutu.

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