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bcm63268 board_draminit
1e7c: 3c0fb000 lui t7,0xb000
1e80: 35ef0180 ori t7,t7,0x180
1e84: 24180020 li t8,32
1e88: 85f90012 lh t9,18(t7)
1e8c: 0338c824 and t9,t9,t8
1e90: 1738fffd bne t9,t8,0x1e88
1e94: 00000000 nop
1e98: 0004c602 srl t8,a0,0x18
1e9c: a1f80017 sb t8,23(t7)
1ea0: 0004c402 srl t8,a0,0x10
1ea4: a1f80017 sb t8,23(t7)
1ea8: 0004c202 srl t8,a0,0x8
1eac: a1f80017 sb t8,23(t7)
1eb0: a1e40017 sb a0,23(t7)
1eb4: 2404000d li a0,13
1eb8: a1e40017 sb a0,23(t7)
1ebc: 2404000a li a0,10
1ec0: 03e00008 jr ra
1ec4: a1e40017 sb a0,23(t7)
1ec8: 3c08b000 lui t0,0xb000
1ecc: 35080180 ori t0,t0,0x180
1ed0: 24090020 li t1,32
1ed4: 850a0012 lh t2,18(t0)
1ed8: 01495024 and t2,t2,t1
1edc: 1549fffa bne t2,t1,0x1ec8
1ee0: 00000000 nop
1ee4: 00000000 nop
1ee8: 90890000 lbu t1,0(a0)
1eec: 11200006 beqz t1,0x1f08
1ef0: 00000000 nop
1ef4: 00000000 nop
1ef8: a1090017 sb t1,23(t0)
1efc: 1000fff2 b 0x1ec8
1f00: 20840001 addi a0,a0,1
1f04: 00000000 nop
1f08: 03e00008 jr ra
1f0c: 24020000 li v0,0
1f10: 3c0fb000 lui t7,0xb000
1f14: 35ef0180 ori t7,t7,0x180
1f18: 24180800 li t8,2048
1f1c: 85f90012 lh t9,18(t7)
1f20: 0338c824 and t9,t9,t8
1f24: 17380003 bne t9,t8,0x1f34
1f28: 00000000 nop
1f2c: 00000000 nop
1f30: 81e20017 lb v0,23(t7)
1f34: 03e00008 jr ra
1f38: 00000000 nop
1f3c: 4009b003 0x4009b003
1f40: 3c0a8000 lui t2,0x8000
1f44: 012a4824 and t1,t1,t2
1f48: 1520002f bnez t1,0x2008
1f4c: 00000000 nop
1f50: 3c09ff40 lui t1,0xff40
1f54: 3c0ab808 lui t2,0xb808
1f58: 3c010004 lui at,0x4
1f5c: 00290821 addu at,at,t1
1f60: ac2a8000 sw t2,-32768(at)
1f64: 4009b000 mfc0 t1,$22
1f68: 01205021 move t2,t1
1f6c: 3c01efff lui at,0xefff
1f70: 3421ffff ori at,at,0xffff
1f74: 01214824 and t1,t1,at
1f78: 4089b000 mtc0 t1,$22
1f7c: 4009b002 0x4009b002
1f80: 35290001 ori t1,t1,0x1
1f84: 4089b002 0x4089b002
1f88: 4008b000 mfc0 t0,$22
1f8c: 3c011000 lui at,0x1000
1f90: 01014024 and t0,t0,at
1f94: 1100fffc beqz t0,0x1f88
1f98: 00000000 nop
1f9c: 00000000 nop
1fa0: 408ab000 mtc0 t2,$22
1fa4: 3c088000 lui t0,0x8000
1fa8: 35080694 ori t0,t0,0x694
1fac: 01164021 addu t0,t0,s6
1fb0: 8d080000 lw t0,0(t0)
1fb4: 24090001 li t1,1
1fb8: 1509002f bne t0,t1,0x2078
1fbc: 00000000 nop
1fc0: 24080101 li t0,257
1fc4: 40886000 mtc0 t0,$12
1fc8: 3c080080 lui t0,0x80
1fcc: 40886800 mtc0 t0,$13
1fd0: 4009b001 0x4009b001
1fd4: 3c01e800 lui at,0xe800
1fd8: 34218002 ori at,at,0x8002
1fdc: 01214825 or t1,t1,at
1fe0: 4089b001 0x4089b001
1fe4: 4009b002 0x4009b002
1fe8: 3c01fff0 lui at,0xfff0
1fec: 3421ffff ori at,at,0xffff
1ff0: 01214824 and t1,t1,at
1ff4: 3c014001 lui at,0x4001
1ff8: 01214825 or t1,t1,at
1ffc: 4089b002 0x4089b002
2000: 10000023 b 0x2090
2004: 00000000 nop
2008: 4009b000 mfc0 t1,$22
200c: 3c011000 lui at,0x1000
2010: 01214825 or t1,t1,at
2014: 4089b000 mtc0 t1,$22
2018: 3c088000 lui t0,0x8000
201c: 35080694 ori t0,t0,0x694
2020: 01164021 addu t0,t0,s6
2024: 8d080000 lw t0,0(t0)
2028: 24090001 li t1,1
202c: 11090012 beq t0,t1,0x2078
2030: 00000000 nop
2034: 24080101 li t0,257
2038: 40886000 mtc0 t0,$12
203c: 3c080080 lui t0,0x80
2040: 40886800 mtc0 t0,$13
2044: 4009b001 0x4009b001
2048: 3c011000 lui at,0x1000
204c: 34218001 ori at,at,0x8001
2050: 01214825 or t1,t1,at
2054: 4089b001 0x4089b001
2058: 4009b002 0x4009b002
205c: 3c01fff0 lui at,0xfff0
2060: 3421ffff ori at,at,0xffff
2064: 01214824 and t1,t1,at
2068: 3c010001 lui at,0x1
206c: 01214825 or t1,t1,at
2070: 1000ffe3 b 0x2000
2074: 4089b002 0x4089b002
2078: 03e00008 jr ra
207c: 00000000 nop
2080: 03e00008 jr ra
2084: 00000000 nop
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