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Created February 21, 2019 07:51
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BCM338332 TP0 346890
MemSize: 128 M
Chip ID: BCM3383G-B0
BootLoader Version: 2.6.0-15-gac1e Release Gnu spiboot reduced DDR drive
Build Date: Mar 13 2015
Build Time: 15:41:05
SPI flash ID 0xc22018, size 16MB, block size 64KB, write buffer 256, flags 0x0
parameter offset is 40788
Auto tftp boot mode!! try to connect TFTP to doandload manufacture f/w!!
Signature/PID: 3383
Switch detected: 53125
ProbePhy: Found PHY 0, MDIO on MAC 0, data on MAC 0
Using GMAC0, phy 0
Enet link up: 1G full
Press any key within 0 seconds to abort tftp upgrade.
Main Menu:
b) Boot from flash
g) Download and run from RAM
d) Download and save to flash
e) Erase flash sector
m) Set mode
s) Store bootloader parameters to flash
i) Re-init ethernet
k) Reconfig TFTP Info
c) Back to Default
v) Set tftp boot mode
M) Set boot mode
r) Read memory
w) Write memory
j) Jump to arbitrary address
X) Erase all of flash except the bootloader
z) Reset
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