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Multi-task Deep Learning Experiment using fastai Pytorch
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icmpnorequest commented Aug 12, 2020

$loss_{total} = \lambda_{age} * loss_{age} + \lambda_{gender} * loss_{gender}$

as far as i know, only calculating the loss together doesn't make the model to have a multi-task structure, you are doing the multi-objective learning without a multi-task model structure, right?
if the model structure is really using the classical multi-task structure as you said, could you tell me which paper/webpage you refer to?

Maybe you could refer to the paper [19 CVPR] Multimodal Age and Gender Classification Using Ear and Profile Face Images

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Mohamed-Khalil67 commented Jan 24, 2022

Hi , i have errors in imageCLassificationDataset ( function not defined) and ImageDatabunch ( flase argument for size , non existent ). Is there anyway to correct them ?

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apssouza22 commented Feb 28, 2022

If anyone else is facing issues when running this example I have run through hell to build a multitask model. I hope I save some people time with this ready to run on Colab example

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