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Install Helm v3-rc.3 on macOS darwin amd64
set -eou pipefail
#set helm version
#download helm version
tar xvzf $helmVersion
#mv helm3 binary to local tmp folder
if [[ -e /usr/local/bin/tmp ]] ; then echo "tmp folder already exists" ; else mkdir /usr/local/bin/tmp ; fi
mv darwin-amd64/helm /usr/local/bin/tmp/helm
#TEMPORARY export $HELM_HOME so you don't overwrite Helm2 ~/.helm/
export HELM_HOME=/usr/local/bin/tmp/helm3
#set temp alias
#add alias to .zshrc or .bashrc
echo "alias h3=/usr/local/bin/tmp/helm" >> ~/.zshrc
# echo "alias h3=/usr/local/bin/tmp/helm" >> ~/.bashrc
# cleanup
rm -rf $helmVersion
rm -rf darwin-amd64
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