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Alejandro Escoda


I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in commerce in 2018, from USAL University in Buenos Aires. My scope covers the commercial side of the business including different functions primarily sales, good communication skills, market intelligence, business management and business development. In charge of execution of sales strategies of a small familiar company to a medium industry including short and long term approaches for all sales. Creating and organizing team groups, negotiate and conclude deals, penetrated and developed sales in new markets, managing strategies to diversify the company assets and research of new projects opportunities and technologies.

With more than 10 years of experience all in commercial iron industry, now I am pursuing new opportunities to continue developing my career in new technologies. Seeking a prominent position in a well- stablished organization where I can utilize my skills and knowledge in Marketing / Sales & Commodity trading / Project Leader.

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Verifying that +yemel is my openname (Bitcoin username).
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<link rel="import" href="../core-menu/core-submenu.html">
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<polymer-element name="my-element">
:host {
position: absolute;
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Last active Aug 29, 2015
SDK Feedback


  • I don't like setting the token and server info every time I create an invoice.
  • The server host and port are hardcoded to use 'test' or 'live', however on the RPCClient you have to set them explicitly. That is inconsistent and confusing for the user developer.
  • I have mixed feelings about the create method.
  • +1 on payment events.

RPC Client:

  • RPC call capabilities are useless without proper documentation, we should point to a clean documentation of the available methods.
  • Even with RPC documentation we should offer native methods that wraps the call for the most common calls. RPC it's an implementation detail, calling a method by an string argument it's a hack, not a best practice.

Cordova SDK

Please go to to create an account. After registrarion, depending the kind of application you are building the pairing process you'll need to follow.

Install the SDK plugin

$ cordova plugin add

Generate Application Key

Use case: Generating and tracking invoices.

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Last active Aug 29, 2015
Copay v1.0

Copay v1.0

The present document describes the proposed changes to Copay.


Be competitive. Win market share. Redesigned with a user-centered approach. Great proof-of-concept, move from the prototype stage to something usable.

Design aspects

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Pending issues

  • Testnet details
  • Delete wallet flow
  • Backup flow
  • Payment protocol TRUST icon
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Created Jul 22, 2014
Mobile changes for friday
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* Show empty addresses of other copayers (all versions)
* Camera: QR scanning and amount
* URI link on Addresses tab for easier loading into the wallet
* URI handling to create spending proposal on Android and browser extensions
* Backup: Email attachment / QR backup generation.
* Android Menu Button
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Created Jun 18, 2014
Bitcore - Key generation
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var bitcore = require('bitcore');
var k1 = new bitcore.Key.generateSync();
var pk1 = k1.private.toHex(); // save private key
// Load Key:
var k = new bitcore.Key();
var pkshex = 'b7dafe35d7d1aab78b53982c8ba554584518f86d50af565c98e053613c8f15e0'; // the saved key