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Created November 29, 2017 01:04
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tmux + mosh OSC 52 clipboard paste hack


Now tmux, mosh and iTerm2 support the OSC 52 sequence that enables clipboard sharing. However, there is a trap that prevents them from working together.

Mosh accepts OSC 52 sequences with the c; option. However, tmux doesn't send that option when it emits OSC 52 sequences, which means you cannot use tmux and mosh together with the default configuration.


You can override the OSC 52 sequence generated by tmux by adding the following line to your tmux.conf.

set-option -ag terminal-overrides ",xterm-256color:Ms=\\E]52;c;%p2%s\\7"

Instead of using the default Ms sequence Ms=\\E]52;%p1%s;%p2%s\\7", whose %p1%s; is the option part, this configuration forces use c; as the option value.

Note that xterm-256color must be replaced with your $TERM value.

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agriffis commented Feb 5, 2018

Thanks, just finished getting tmux + mosh + hterm (Chrome OS) cooperating with OSC 52, and this was a big help!

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@agriffis do you mind sharing your tmux.conf for tmux + mosh + chrome os ?

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agriffis commented Jul 3, 2018

@tylerhoran Here are the most interesting bits

# tmux-256color instead of screen-256color enables italics
set -g default-terminal "tmux-256color"

# Tc enables true color
set -ag terminal-overrides ",*256col*:colors=256:Tc"

# Ms modifies OSC 52 clipboard handling to work with mosh, see
set -ag terminal-overrides "vte*:XT:Ms=\\E]52;c;%p2%s\\7,xterm*:XT:Ms=\\E]52;c;%p2%s\\7"

# enable OSC 52 clipboard
set -g set-clipboard on

# use bracketed paste, if the running application (vim/emacs/weechat) has
# sent the terminal code to enable it.
bind-key ] paste-buffer -p

setw -g aggressive-resize on

set -s escape-time 0

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thanks @agriffis!

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gwicke commented Jul 17, 2019

PR for mosh that avoids the need for custom tmux settings: mobile-shell/mosh#1054

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@yudai @tylerhoran @agriffis @gwicke Do you know what the minimum mosh version needed for this is? It's not working for me and I wish it did, I would love to get this working without having to build a custom mosh right now (but thanks for your work @gwicke!)

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@dasizeman There isn't a release of mosh with truecolor support. You need unreleased trunk. mobile-shell/mosh#974

If you're running Fedora, you can use my COPR

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ilyagr commented Nov 29, 2022

Alternative PR that claims to improve on the one @gwicke suggested: mobile-shell/mosh#1104

But actually, this seems to be a bug in tmux that is already fixed on the master branch (and thus hopefully in the next release): tmux/tmux#3192

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