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server {
listen 80;
# server_name;
location / {
# proxy_pass;
proxy_read_timeout 300; # Some requests take more than 30 seconds.


Enable SMS & MMS Messages

Now, to make sure your iPhone can send and receive regular non-iMessage text messages, you'll likely need to tweak some additional options. Open your Settings app and head to the "Cellular" menu. From here, if you're on iOS 12, tap "Cellular Data Network." If you're on iOS 11, tap "Cellular Data Options," then "Cellular Data Network."

Opening the Cellular Data Network menu on iOS 11.

Next, you'll have to manually enter a few values into the provided fields. So copy the information below exactly as it's typed (leaving the "leave blank" fields blank, obviously), then enter it into the fields on your iPhone.

class PyTrieNode(object):
def __init__(self, key="", seq=[]):
self.key = key
self.end = len(seq) == 0
self.children = {}
if len(seq) > 0:
self.children[seq[0]] = PyTrieNode(seq[0], seq[1:])
def add(self, seq):
if len(seq) == 0:
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<inproceedings mdate="2012-12-10" key="conf/aaai/Zivan08">
<author>Roie Zivan</author>
<title>Anytime Local Search for Distributed Constraint Optimization.</title>
import os
import sys
import time
from timeit import default_timer as timer
from datetime import timedelta
from os import path
base_dir = "data"
dummy_dir_small = path.join(base_dir, "small")
dummy_dir_large = path.join(base_dir, "large")
yuikns /
Created March 22, 2019 03:29
kernel:[1500069.375462] do_IRQ: 12.183 No irq handler for vector
import math
import torch
import torch.nn as nn
import torch.nn.functional as F
import logging
p_dropout = 0.1


mkdir a-empty-folder
rsync -a --delete a-empty-folder/ your-target-folder/

find + xargs