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Thoughts about RSpec for Python
# codec: blocks
context('when user has permissions'):
it('should add new article'):
# some code
it('should delete existing article'):
# some code
context('when user has no permissions'):
it('should not add new article')
it('should not even show article form')
from bdd import describe, context, it
with describe('articles.views.ArticleView'):
with context('when user has permissions'):
@it('should add new article')
def test():
# some code
@it('should delete existing article')
def test():
# some code
with context('when user has no permissions'):
# pending tests
it('should not add new article')
it('should not even show article form')

How about creating a DSL with its own parser that generates and runs python code. Most python syntax highlight and auto-completion tools can work fine with it (bonus).

For example:

import spec_helper

describe articles.views.ArticleView
    context 'a user with permissions':
        it 'should add a new article':
            # some code
        it 'should delete an existing article':
            # some code
    context 'a user without permissions':
        it 'should not add a new article'
        it 'should not show the article form'

Then RSpec matchers can usually be translated into unittest2 assertions.

Python unittest2 assertions are not really much more verbose than the .should and .should_not rspec helpers, but more pythonic:

assert expected is False
assert expected is None
assert expected is not None
assert isinstance(expected, list)
assert almost_equal(expected, 55)

As I don't like all those parenthesis (), signs like @, keywords like with and def in the original gist. And RSpec just can't be written as native Python, so no reason to force it - there are other ways.


What do you all think 2 years later, any suggestions? Still using sure? I am coming from Rspec and Jasmine and not saying I need everything the same, but I like being able to use contexts


I too would be interested in lostmarinero's question.

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