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// Note that the asynchronous reset input, reset_n, should be unconstrained, eg:
// set_false_path -from [get_ports {reset_n}] -to [get_clocks {*}]
`default_nettype none
module reset_synchronizer(
input reset_n,
input clk,
output reset_n_sync);
yupferris / led_test.sdc
Last active Sep 5, 2019
Simplest possible .sdc for future reference
View led_test.sdc
create_clock -name max10_clk_50 -period 20 [get_ports {max10_clk_50}]
# Note - can use `derive_pll_clocks -create_base_clocks` without specifying input clocks to derive everything when PLL's are used for all clocks
# Don't constrain async reset signal
set_false_path -from [get_ports {reset_n}] -to [all_registers]
# Don't constrain LED output
yupferris /
Last active Feb 11, 2019
I beat exomizer by how much?


  • original released intro size: 4095 bytes
  • final size with new packer: 3892 bytes (203 bytes reduction, 4.9% better than released version)
  • best possible size w/ smallest exomizer decoder: 4001 bytes
  • best possible size w/ largest exomizer decoder: 4024 bytes
  • new packer gain over smallest exomizer size: 109 bytes (2.7% reduction)
  • new packer gain over largest exomizer size: 132 bytes (3.3% reduction)


yupferris /
Last active Nov 4, 2017
ffs windows, ruining my file watching with your case-insensitivity..
// This is kindof a crazy way to compare paths, and in certain unicode corner cases will not be entirely correct,
// but it's a workaround for file name case insensitivity on Windows and should be good enough for most cases.
// The general idea (matching path component suffixes) mimicks Rust's Path::ends_with.
fn ends_with_case_insensitive(path: &PathBuf, suffix: &PathBuf) -> bool {
let path_comps = path.components().map(|x| String::from(x.as_os_str().to_string_lossy()).to_lowercase()).rev();
let suffix_comps = suffix.components().map(|x| String::from(x.as_os_str().to_string_lossy()).to_lowercase()).rev();
let matching_suffix_pairs =|&(ref x, ref y)| x == y);
matching_suffix_pairs.count() == suffix.components().count()
yupferris / vic.txt
Created Sep 10, 2017
VIC pseudocode (not necessarily accurate/rigorous, but useful enough to explain stuff)
View vic.txt
// Sometime outside of display area..
for RASTER in 0..312 {
for line_cycle in 0..63 {
badline_condition := (RASTER & 0x07) == (YSCROLL & 0x07)
if (badline_condition) {
extern crate minifb;
extern crate time;
use minifb::{Key, Scale, WindowOptions, Window};
use std::f64::consts::PI;
fn circle(x: f64, y: f64, x_offset: f64, y_offset: f64, rad: f64) -> bool {
let x_distance = x - x_offset;
let y_distance = y - y_offset;
yupferris / bowling.asm
Last active Mar 9, 2017
Virtual Bowling sample playback routine reversing notes
View bowling.asm
// Super high-level playroutine overview:
// Timer reload set to 12, 13, 5 (depending on sample)
// Timer int fires every ??us (sample rate of ??hz)
// Store 0x1d in timer control (small interval, zero interrupt enable, clear zero status, timer enable)
// Output volume to VOICE_1_ENVELOPE_DATA
// Sample value -> register value lookup table:
0xffffd258 00 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 a0 b0 c0 d0 e0 f0
// Sample playback routine (only thing the timer is used for in this game)
yupferris / tesoft.asm
Created Mar 2, 2017
Sample playback routine info for T&E soft logo in Red Alarm
View tesoft.asm
// Super high-level playroutine overview:
// Timer reload set to 0x0004
// Timer int fires every 120us (sample rate of ~8333.3hz)
// Store 0x15 in timer control (small interval, zero interrupt disable, clear zero status, timer enable)
// Output volumes to VOICE_1_VOLUME - VOICE_5_VOLUME
// Store 0x19 in timer control (small interval, zero interrupt enable, timer enable)
* 0xfffffe10 7c44 add 28, r3
0xfffffe12 23dc0000 st.w r1, 0[r3]
0xfffffe16 20bc0207 movhi 0x702, r0, r1
yupferris /
Last active Feb 25, 2017
Sample extraction for Galactic Pinball
use std::io::{self, Write, Read, BufWriter};
use std::fs::File;
use std::path::Path;
const NUM_CHANNELS: usize = 1;
const BITS_PER_SAMPLE: usize = 16;
fn main() {
let rom_file_name = "C:\\msys64\\home\\ferris\\dev\\projects\\vb-rs-corpus\\Galactic Pinball (Japan, USA).vb";
let buf = load(rom_file_name).unwrap();
yupferris /
Created Feb 23, 2017
You know the drill
use std::io::{self, Read};
use std::fs::File;
use std::path::Path;
fn main() {
let rom_file_name = "C:\\msys64\\home\\ferris\\dev\\projects\\vb-rs-corpus\\Mario's Tennis (Japan, USA).vb";
let buf = load(rom_file_name).unwrap();
let src = 0xfff9fb4c;
let dst = 0x00078000;
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