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Last active Dec 3, 2021
A little how-to on how to build `atto` from source.


  • golang v1.17 or higher
  • git
  • Add executables to %PATH%

If you're working under Windows and would like to use winget it may make this process a little easier.

These should be the file locations you need to add to your %PATH%;

  • go: %ProgramFiles%\Go\bin
zQueal / nanners.bat
Created Jun 27, 2021
A simple batch wrapper to simplify using `atto`
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ECHO Do stuff with NANO seeds.
ECHO 1 - Generate New Seed
ECHO 2 - Enter Seed
ECHO 3 - View Public Address
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"" This was made by Reddit user u/SamLovesNotion. Also with the help of - for learning the syntax. Sorry for English & grammar, this post was made in hurry.
" Images -
" I have used Nerd icon fonts. Icons won't work without them.
" This statusline looks exactly like Vim Airline (even more customizable & powerful) & loads faster than Vim airline. Only take few ms to load.
" STARTUP TIME - With Vim Airline - ~250ms. With this statusline - ~100ms. Without any statusline - ~98ms.
" Add all of this at the end of your vimrc OR Create separate file like 'statusline.vim' & 'colorsgroup.vim' & source those files in your main vimrc.
zQueal / vim_update_plugins.bat
Created Aug 16, 2017
A simple updater for the Vim8 plugin system that isn't crazy painful.
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REM Download FindUtils:
REM Add xargs.exe to your %PATH%
REM Add %PLUGINS% (environment variable) == your vim "packpath"
REM E.g %PLUGINS% = C:\Users\zqueal\.vim\pack\plugins\start
REM Add this batchfile to your %PATH%
REM run vim_update_plugins from CMD (or whatever you named the batchfile
  1. Having multiple characters is good. Later on for energy, but until you find your favorite class you need to try many different classes. Once you find a class you're content with, then go crazy on your gear. I recommend awakening all the classes (eventually). Awakening a character with decent gear takes only 1-2 days, and will permanently increase your house fame fund which can really add up over time.
  2. 90% of the time Grunil is what you want until you can start replacing each piece for Boss Gear. Use gathering to collect hide and workers to get black crystals so you can start making Grunil yourself if you think it's too expensive. You can also farm it at Manes, Helms, Abandoned Iron Mine, and Sausans, all around level 50-55.
  3. You can swap armor between characters. Meaning if you have many different characters that you like to play, you can maintain one set of armor, and simply work on their weapons. It's a pain in the ass to swap out the armor, but super cheap in the long run.
  4. You can rent a mai
zQueal /
Last active Jun 6, 2017
A little fish shell function to help build shadowsocks sessions in screen
function sshadowsocks --description 'create shadowsocks instance for user'
set -x USERNAME $argv[1]
set -x PASSWORD (go-shadowsocks2 -keygen 16)
set -x PORT $argv[2]
screen -dmS (echo $USERNAME"_"$PORT) go-shadowsocks2 -s ss://AEAD_AES_128_GCM:(echo $PASSWORD)@:(echo $PORT) -verbose
echo "Password: "$PASSWORD
echo "Cipher: AEAD_AES_128_GCM"
echo "Port: "$PORT
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function! s:plug_gx()
let line = getline('.')
let sha = matchstr(line, '^ \X*\zs\x\{7}\ze ')
let name = empty(sha) ? matchstr(line, '^[-x+] \zs[^:]\+\ze:')
\ : getline(search('^- .*:$', 'bn'))[2:-2]
let uri = get(get(g:plugs, name, {}), 'uri', '')
if uri !~ ''
let repo = matchstr(uri, '[^:/]*/'.name)
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 : t(@ @èP€ €Ð¡  ¡C B‡ „ 
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