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ejona86 /
Created October 21, 2017 16:35
List user-installed packages on LEDE
FLASH_TIME="$(awk '
$1 == "Installed-Time:" && ($2 < OLDEST || OLDEST=="") {
print OLDEST
' /usr/lib/opkg/status)"
yeokm1 / Octoprint on read-only Arch Linux ARM for Raspberry
Last active October 15, 2022 13:18
Use Octoprint on Arch Linux ARM with read-only file system for Raspberry Pi

I wanted Octoprint (a 3D-printer management software) to start up fast without the bloatness of using Raspbian. I also regularly forgot to shutdown the Raspberry Pi hosting Octoprint properly leading to file system corruption and unbootable SD card.

This set of instructions should provide all that is needed to use Octoprint without fear of improper shutdown with Arch Linux ARM by using a read-only file system.

This instructions does not have the webcam setup as I didn't intend to use it. If you wish to use the webcam, please consult and try to port the official Raspbian FAQ.


  1. Convert the Arch Linux ARM file system to read-only. Please follow the instructions from my previous gist. The following instructions assume you are logged into with the root account.
yeokm1 / Read-only FS on Arch Linux
Last active July 17, 2024 01:31
Set up Arch Linux ARM on Raspberry Pi to boot from and use a read-only file-system

Read-only FS on Arch Linux ARM

Unlike your typical computer where you usually shutdown properly, I cannot rely on this during the use of my Raspberry Pi. If the Raspberry Pi is improperly shutdown too many times, data corruption in the file system leading to unbootable SD card may result. So we should use a read-only file system.

Full instructions and explanations are obtained from this link but you can run these commands directly. I modified some of the instructions for personal convenience.

Login with default username: alarm, password: alarm

#Optionally enable root over SSH. The rest of these instructions assume u are in root.