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How to convert a legacy Apiary Blueprint to API Blueprint using CLI

CLI Tools Required

Install following CLI tools:

  1. Apiary Blueprint Parser

    $ npm install apiary-blueprint-parser

    NOTE: Requires local installation of Node.js (>0.8)

  2. Apiary Blueprint AST Convertor

    $ gem install apiary_blueprint_convertor
  3. Matter Compiler

    $ gem install matter_compiler

Convert an Apiary Blueprint

Given a legacy Apiary bluerpint file legacy_blueprint.apib run the following

$ node_modules/apiary-blueprint-parser/bin/blueprint-parser legacy_blueprint.apib | apiary_blueprint_convertor | matter_compiler --format json >


Not tested on Windows.

This pipeline does not insert FORMAT: 1A at the top. Shouldn't it?


I have just released matter_compiler v0.3.0 which introduce the --set-blueprint-format option.

$ matter_compiler no-format.yaml 
# My API


$ matter_compiler no-format.yaml --set-blueprint-format

# My API

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