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import bpy
import bmesh
import mathutils
from mathutils import Vector, Matrix
from bpy.props import BoolProperty, FloatProperty, FloatVectorProperty
from node_s import *
from util import *
import sv_bmesh_utils
from sv_bmesh_utils import bmesh_from_pydata
def get_lathed_geometry(node, verts, edges, cent, axis, dvec, space, angle, steps):
# steps = max(steps, 0)
bm = bmesh_from_pydata(verts, edges, [])
geom = bm.verts[:] + bm.edges[:]
geom=geom, cent=cent, axis=axis, dvec=dvec, angle=angle,
space=space, steps=steps, use_duplicate=False)
if node.remove_doubles:
bmesh.ops.remove_doubles(bm, verts=bm.verts[:], dist=node.dist)
v = [[:] for v in bm.verts]
p = [[i.index for i in p.verts] for p in bm.faces[:]]
return v, p
class SvLatheNode(Node, SverchCustomTreeNode):
bl_idname = 'SvLatheNode'
bl_label = 'Sv Lathe Node'
remove_doubles = BoolProperty(
name='merge', description='Remove doubles, merge',
dist = FloatProperty(name="merge distance", default=0.0001, update=updateNode)
angle = FloatProperty(name="angle", default=1.0, update=updateNode)
steps = IntProperty(name="steps", default=20, update=updateNode)
cent = FloatVectorProperty(name='cent', subtype='XYZ', size=3, update=updateNode)
dvec = FloatVectorProperty(name='dvec', subtype='XYZ', size=3, update=updateNode)
axis = FloatVectorProperty(
name='axis', subtype='XYZ', size=3, update=updateNode, default=(0, 0, 1))
def init(self, context):
# so many inputs!!'VerticesSocket', 'Verts', 'Verts')'StringsSocket', 'Edges', 'Edges')'MatrixSocket', 'Matrix', 'Matrix')
# these have default props'VerticesSocket', 'cent', 'cent').prop_name = 'cent''VerticesSocket', 'axis', 'axis').prop_name = 'axis''VerticesSocket', 'dvec', 'dvec').prop_name = 'dvec''StringsSocket', 'Angle', 'Angle').prop_name = 'angle''StringsSocket', 'Steps', 'Steps').prop_name = 'steps'
# outputs, sparse!'VerticesSocket', 'Verts', 'Verts')'StringsSocket', 'Poly', 'Poly')
def draw_buttons(self, context, layout):
row = layout.row(align=True)
split = row.split()
col1 = split.column()
col1.prop(self, "remove_doubles", text="merge")
def get_corrected_data(self, socket_name, socket_type):
inputs = self.inputs
socket = inputs[socket_name].links[0].from_socket
if isinstance(socket, socket_type):
socket_in = SvGetSocketAnyType(self, inputs[socket_name])
return dataCorrect(socket_in)
return []
def get_sockets_data(self):
inputs = self.inputs
mverts = self.get_corrected_data('Verts', VerticesSocket)
socket_inputs = [
['Edges', StringsSocket],
['cent', VerticesSocket],
['axis', VerticesSocket],
['dvec', VerticesSocket],
['Matrix', MatrixSocket],
['Angle', StringsSocket],
['Steps', StringsSocket]
all_socket_data = [mverts]
for named_socket, socket_type in socket_inputs:
socket_data = []
if named_socket in inputs and inputs[named_socket].links:
socket_data = self.get_corrected_data(named_socket, socket_type)
# woah, suck on this one!
return all_socket_data
def get_structure(self, stype, sindex):
if not stype:
return []
j = stype[sindex]
except IndexError:
j = []
return j
def update(self):
inputs = self.inputs
outputs = self.outputs
if not ('Poly' in outputs):
if not (inputs['Verts'].links and outputs['Verts'].links):
mverts, *mrest = self.get_sockets_data()
def get_non_vert_socket_data(obj_index):
for geom in mrest:
yield self.get_structure(geom, obj_index)
verts_out, faces_out = [], []
for idx, Verts in enumerate(mverts):
if not Verts:
edges, cent, axis, dvec, space, angle, steps = \
if isinstance(angle, list) and len(angle)>0:
angle = angle[0]
angle = self.angle
if isinstance(steps, list) and len(steps)>0:
steps = steps[0]
steps = self.steps
defaults = {
'verts': Verts,
'edges': edges,
'cent': Vector(cent[0]) if cent else Vector(),
'axis': Vector(axis[0]) if axis else Vector((0, 0, 1)),
'dvec': Vector(dvec[0]) if dvec else Vector(),
'space': Matrix(space) if space else Matrix(),
'angle': angle,
'steps': steps
if not defaults['edges']:
del defaults['edges']
v, p = get_lathed_geometry(self, **defaults)
SvSetSocketAnyType(self, 'Verts', verts_out)
SvSetSocketAnyType(self, 'Poly', faces_out)
def update_socket(self, context):
def register():
def unregister():
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