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FTL/Faster Than Light multiverse (or other mods?) on Macbook/M1/M2/OS X using Game Porting Kit/WINE

Tested on M2 / Silicon, Sonoma Beta (may not be required, try Ventura and report back?).

  1. Install Whisky
  2. Setup a bottle/"wine container" for Steam (or label it "FTL" if you're not using Steam).
  3. Install Steam if that's what you're using to install FTL.
  4. Install your legally owned copy of this great game.
  5. Use something like the Control Panel (in the Config section of your bottle in Whisky) to install Java in your bottle. Java 8 JDK worked for me, 6 could as well.
    • You could install Java JDK from Oracle, but you'll have to agree to their crappy license and login.
    • Zulu JDK 8
      • You'll also need to install CCK after to supply physical fonts.
  6. Extract the Slipstream mod manager zip (latest is 1.9.1) into somewhere in your bottle (use "open C drive" in Whisky)
  7. Copy all the .zip mod files you want into Slipstream mods directory ( /mods in your slipstream extracted location). For example, if you're doing multiverse...
  8. To downgrade FTL for modding, Run downgrade.bat in your FTL folder (where you pasted Hyperspace resources) -- I did this through running cmd.exe through Whisky's run GUI (location should be C:/windows/system32/cmd.exe), and then doing ./downgrade.bat in the your FTL directory.
  9. Run modman_admin.exe in the slipstream mod manager folder you extracted earlier.
  10. Patch the Multiverse mods (assets first, then data). You do not need to patch hyperspace.ftl.
  11. If FTL is installed properly, you will see FTLGame.exe in the Programs section of your bottle. Star it and click it to configure. Add an environment variable (using +), WINEDLLOVERRIDES with a value of xinput1_4=n,b;Hyperspace.dll=n,b like so in the screenshot.


1. You should now be able to run multiverse FTL via this "shortcut"!


Enjoy! image

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zerkz commented Jul 4, 2023

If you get audio crackling, changing your bitrate for your output device via Audio Midi Setup to 44 khz seemed to help me.

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Legend. This was surprisingly easy! Thank you.

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