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Zethus Suen zethussuen

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"defense": 354,
"iLevel": 85,
"name": "Skin of the Vipermagi",
"quality": "Unique",
"socketed": [
"iLevel": 1,
"isGem": true,
"quality": "Normal",
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id: "12345", // string of card number
orientation: "n"
id: "23456",
orientation: "n"

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I hereby claim:

  • I am zethussuen on github.
  • I am zethus ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASCZRHRjy9I3khrVPy-gumJ88qpiPHRCQfIQ12-tkCUdhAo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

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Fixed a crash when adding a page whilst the document was being saved in the background (#5779)
Fixed an occasional crash after editing text (#5776)
Fixed a crash when pasting an empty string (#5873)
Fixed an occasional crash when changing fonts (#5880)
Fixed loss of focus when duplicating a layer (#5745)
Fixed a crash with the Layout Settings and Grid Settings panels (#5815)
Fixed a crash when dragging a slice preview (#5778)
Fixed crash when closing window on 10.11 (#5851)
View gist:af0ceae31782c764a5fb
Unreliable corporate network? You can now connect to Sketch Mirror by typing an IP address directly
Documents now hold their own gradient and color presets as well as the global presets
You can now type things like 100% in the width or height fields to make the layer take the full width or height of the parent container or artboard
Symbols will now have opacity, blending and shadow independently from each other
Frequently used colors have moved to the Color Preview box and they will now also show you how often they've been used and where
Mask-With-Shape enhanced to detect when you probably want to use an Alpha mask. Also no longer disables fills
View gist:df90655e01dcc75aa532
⁃ New Google Material Design template and artboard sizes.
⁃ Adds support for Sketch-Mirror and @3x scaling.
⁃ Align and Distribute tools now work for Vector points too.
⁃ You can now measure the distance from a shape to a grid or guide line using the Alt key as well.
⁃ Alt + click on the Inspector's align buttons to align the entire selection with their parent artboard.
⁃ Added a new preference to choose the resolution to which bitmaps are flattened when doing Layer › Flatten Selection to Bitmap.
⁃ When rotating objects, the pivot point can now be moved.
⁃ Shift+Return now inserts a line break instead of a paragraph break in text editing mode.
zethussuen / font-tracking.scss
Created Apr 15, 2013
Mixin to convert Photoshop font-tracking value to em
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// font-tracking of 100 = 0.1em
@mixin font-tracking($value) {
letter-spacing: ($value/1000) + em;
zethussuen / mixin-background-image-retina.scss
Last active Dec 16, 2015
SASS mixin for retina background-images in Ruby on Rails environments
View mixin-background-image-retina.scss
// Original Source:
// Modified for assets pipelining on Ruby on Rails
// Added more options to pass
@mixin background-image-retina($file, $type, $width, $height, $positionX: left, $positionY: top, $background-repeat: no-repeat) {
background-image: image-url($file + '.' + $type);
background-size: $width $height;
width: $width; height: $height;
background-position: $positionX $positionY;
background-repeat: $background-repeat;