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An artisan command for opening the project's database in TablePlus
Artisan::command('db:open {connection?}', function ($connection = null) {
if (! file_exists('/Applications/')) {
$this->warn('This command uses TablePlus, are you sure it\'s installed?');
$this->line("Install here:\n");
$driver = $connection ?: config('database.default');
$host = config("database.connections.{$driver}.host");
$user = config("database.connections.{$driver}.username");
$password = config("database.connections.{$driver}.password");
$database = config("database.connections.{$driver}.database");
if ($driver === 'sqlite') {
exec("open {$database}");
} else {
exec("open {$driver}://{$user}:{$password}@{$host}/{$database}");
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