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Last active November 11, 2023 20:50
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Official Windows VM download URL archive, from — scratch that —
#!/usr/bin/env zsh
mkdir -m 0700 -p $datadir
git -C $datadir init
exec >>$logfile
echo "# $date"
curl -fsSL | \
jq -r '.[].software[].files[] | if has("md5") then .url + " " + .md5 else empty end' | \
while read -r url md5url; do
if ! grep -q $url $logfile; then
echo $url >&2
# Note that $md5url for newer images now return 404, and I can't
# find MD5 checksums on the web interface
# (
# anymore, so maybe they abandoned those.
# We simply set $md5 to empty if curl fails.
md5=$(curl -fsL $md5url) || md5=
echo $url $md5
exec >&-
git -C $datadir add --all
git -C $datadir commit --no-verify --no-gpg-sign --message=$date
# Each uncommented line consists of a VM image URL and its MD5 checksum.
# Tue Jun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
# Sun Oct 30 19:04:50 EDT 2016
# Thu Dec 1 00:00:00 EST 2016 E879889B594515416DDCAB7E4CF8F2D6 9FC93CE7B512F9DE2010269A10F67B08 9623B65A302800FDBC3FF2095A6C24A9 0120128BD28D22E2DB242D83E255C935 2FB26766660C4358617E3140BBDD4A7F
# Wed Mar 1 00:00:00 EST 2017 B7F5AA2FC804D38382ADC6EBD22A1ED0 8482C46C7A4D1CD71923D9420675FCDA F275F88634E84E1E7AFF76301B32A285 B8A977C4322EAD50D7099F079FCDBBE8
# Sat Jul 1 13:32:42 EDT 2017
# Fri Sep 1 00:00:00 CST 2017 E49671A45AE3BFD01ADCC5381B248E28 BDA20D676BFA5B35F3D308C86CA7169A 89F9AACAF1F4CB506E3D9904BDFFB915 EEDBDBFFE142D3B789A4F5302EB83EFC ED6FB1E5466863F58703094214735730
# Sat Nov 25 14:47:32 EST 2017 855E12DE1DDC86A648AB7FE7C2EA8D4C 5E4EA23D91193696252E0CBC62FD4C69 79B9E6DA198A56EA80C4B7F81364DBC4 5EC3CD58A9937F48474164053B7CC9FB
# Fri Dec 1 00:00:00 EST 2017
# Thu Mar 1 00:00:00 EST 2018 D49DF719E5F743D503AF10BBF85B9A1A 319F479A8CD2D49280D64E232DD36ADD 6D7BEF4B5FCEDA7FED5F60739A1E7886 ED1F93E3E67F86445FAFB8BC43DB9717 A3ECD1D4E53C5D11F162A18331D429C6 193B819BEC5CDC40A80032B36AC25CA7
# Fri Jun 1 00:00:01 EDT 2018 FDBCFB79D36C6FFD424C9D36A88DDC02 CDDA06C7E8D29C3183066C26800C62C7 E66AB6FD54BF9B47905CA23C8C9935BA 591F5F83822168BDB58E4DD62F8162A1
# Sat Sep 1 00:00:01 CST 2018
# Sat Dec 1 00:00:01 EST 2018
# Fri Mar 1 00:00:00 CST 2019
# Mon May 13 15:14:39 CST 2019 B31441EDBB30D6BC7DF3202269C25CFD 01E98ABD01F25161C5483DD8769C7AAC EF3ECFD08718868B9A0C98332E06959E A79E2C85232B63EAD71794D6715D76FF 76FA02C7B0DBEAD154FCCD24DBD1D387
# Wed Sep 2 16:50:00 CST 2015
# Tue Dec 1 00:00:02 PST 2015
# Wed Jan 20 01:04:55 PST 2016
# Wed Jan 20 01:05:52 PST 2016
# Tue Mar 1 00:00:00 PST 2016
# Sat Apr 30 13:10:44 PDT 2016
# Wed Jun 1 00:00:00 PDT 2016
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swedishborgie commented Jul 27, 2018

What @andraaspar said. Needed to test with an older version of Edge to replicate a problem we were seeing in the field, this list saved my butt. Thanks!

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Alhadis commented Sep 26, 2018

The IE8/XP links are all dead. Did anybody save a copy?

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I'm looking as well.

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@WriteCodeEveryday and @Alhadis - I have OVA for XP with IE6 and IE8, both acquired before Microsoft took them down. Hit me up if you want them.

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hcs64 commented Oct 17, 2018

Current Win10 Edge versions are:
and similar. (Mentioned because I expect there will be a new build soon for 1809)

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atsud0 commented Dec 19, 2019

@WriteCodeEveryday and @Alhadis - I have OVA for XP with IE6 and IE8, both acquired before Microsoft took them down. Hit me up if you want them.

Hey brother,Do you have OVA for XP with IE6 and IE8? I need them.please send me a download link.Thank you very much.

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atsud0 commented Dec 19, 2019

@atsud0 I've uploaded them to Help yourself:

* [IE6 - Windows XP](

* [IE8 - Windows XP](

* [IE8 - Windows 7](

* [IE9 - Windows 7](

* [IE10 - Windows 7](

* [IE11 - Windows 7](

* [IE11 - Windows 8.1](

* [Edge - Windows 10](

Nice,Thanks again.

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Does anyone happen to have a working link to an IE7 Windows VirtualBox VM?

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Alhadis commented Jan 30, 2020

@BreakfastSerial Try your luck with the IE6 WinXP VM and an installer for Internet Explorer 7.

I've not tried this myself, so YMMV.

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ne1scott commented Jan 31, 2020

I see you have all of the VirtualBox downloads.
What about the VMware or Hyper-v image downloads that were also on the same Microsoft IE/Edge developer VM site ?

I downloaded many of the virtualbox ones but only downloaded 2 VMware images and

Unfortunately IE9 Win7 seems to be what much of my old compatability testing requires. That seemed to be the last version that used the old Java 1.4.1 required by some old hardware bios/firmware like HP ILO and Cisco Pix.

Seeing the long list of downloads above that were previously available I'm surprised they aren't ALL available somewhere for 1-stop downloading.

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Alhadis commented Feb 1, 2020

What about the VMware or Hyper-v image downloads that were also on the same Microsoft IE/Edge developer VM site ?

I don't use VMWare or Hyper-V, but it should be possible to convert a VirtualBox image to other well-known VM formats. If not, well, I'm afraid you're out-of-luck.

Seeing the long list of downloads above that were previously available I'm surprised they aren't ALL available somewhere for 1-stop downloading.

If you're referring to, I only just discovered it the other day. But if you're referring to the list of downloads I posted to, I downloaded whatever VMs were still available from (now-dead) links to a Microsoft-hosted CDN. Some of those links were already dead, hence the missing versions.

We should all consider this a cautionary tale about downloading anything free from Microsoft: they won't offer it forever.

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ne1scott commented Feb 1, 2020

Yes I agree. Just had a need for a win7 ie9 VMware vm.

Starwinds converter may convert it.

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jimmyweee commented Feb 29, 2020

@ne1scott I have Win7 IE8 and IE10 for VMWare. Would that suffice?

Here's my contribution to the cause.

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4llan commented Mar 2, 2020

I found this link with unziped ova for VirtualBox from 2013-08. Checksum matched with some files that I have.

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Alhadis commented Mar 3, 2020

@4llan Thanks for the link! For anybody wondering, the checksums on the page are those of MD5 and SHA-1, respectively:

λ md5sum 'IE7 - Vista.ova' | cut -d' ' -f1
λ sha1sum 'IE7 - Vista.ova' | cut -d' ' -f1

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Awesome, thank you @4llan. Why MS decided to do away with non-Win10 VM's is beyond me.

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grinderX19 commented Nov 13, 2020

@4llan, downloaded this VM:

* [IE7 - Vista.ova](

Doesn't seem to be official one: there's firebig-lite in the root dir, Windows Updates disabled and only 3 days to activate (MS usually gives 9 days I believe).
Vista is real shit BTW, at least in terms of VirtualBox emulation -- I was unable to use shared dirs as required drivers won't install. Also, clipboard sharing didn't work...

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sradigan commented Jun 2, 2021

In case someone needed IE7 on Vista

$ wget
$ wget
$ wget
$ wget
$ wget
$ cat{1,2,3,4,5} >
$ md5sum*
$ unzip
  inflating: IE7 - Vista.ova         
$ md5sum "IE7 - Vista.ova"
f32fe7d0122c95467e29ac0983a292ef  IE7 - Vista.ova

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Alhadis commented Jun 3, 2021

@sradigan Nice find! Where'd you come across that?

I googled and found this gist, which lists URLs for downloading IEVMs in VMware, HyperV, and VIrtualBox formats. The few links I bothered to check have been backed up by the Wayback Machine, so the rest of them probably are too.

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This was mostly just a result of trying various things lol

I found some source URLs here (and in this gist):

and I found some file URLs here:*/*

Then I went and found some of the last known good archives on for Vista (2015-ish), then I just started swapping out file paths until I got something that worked. Since I know the files were archived by, I wouldn't expect any malicious modification or anything, but I couldn't find anyone else with hashes of those files, so I posted those too.

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chkpnt commented Aug 28, 2021

This little project may help to setup and provision to get a ready-to-use VM:

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Can you share

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@ahmed-2-0-0-6 It was removed by Microsoft some time ago but is available now at or & the MD5 matches my original file. HTTP download from can be slow so I would go with the torrent & am also uploading to mega but will take a bit.

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Thanks, Mate.

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Thanks, Mate.

No problem @ahmed-2-0-0-6 and in case anyone else needs to download it a bit faster: from or

MD5: EF3ECFD08718868B9A0C98332E06959E
SHA-256: FCDE794379BFD9383025C495E0CC8D06D6B6CCAA702301AA72E6E302DE5D12C8
SHA-512: E71A4393A9C1AAB754B52095A3650C4B1EF4D699FFE034D5AB810D5496B07023B2A1E0B54F485FB18BDB9D68AACE9EF5E5D2F15D4B40FB08271DB24069E71C8A
SHA-1: 3EE3FFD6F45A2839653409B09AFA02051E459423
CRC32: E4E961D2


Can anyone please share the file for win8.ova. I'm locked out of google and the above file is hosted on google drive. Thanks.

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