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;; Copyright (C) Aug 4 2022, William R. Burdick Jr.
;; This code is dual-licensed with MIT and GPL licenses.
;; Take your pick and abide by whichever license appeals to you.
;; logseq compatibility
;; put ids and titles at the tops of non-journal files
;; change fuzzy links from [[PAGE]] to [[id:2324234234][PAGE]]
;; also change file links to id links, provided that the links
;; expand to file names that have ids in the roam database.
;; NOTE: this currently only converts fuzzy links.
;; If you have the setting :org-mode/insert-file-link? true in your Logseq config,
;; it won't convert the resulting links.
;; Your logseq directory should be inside your org-roam directory,
;; put the directory you use here
(defvar bill/logseq-folder (f-expand (f-join org-roam-directory "zettel")))
;; You probably don't need to change these values
(defvar bill/logseq-pages (f-expand (f-join bill/logseq-folder "pages")))
(defvar bill/logseq-journals (f-expand (f-join bill/logseq-folder "journals")))
;;(defvar bill/rich-text-types [bold italic subscript link strike-through superscript underline inline-src-block footnote-reference inline-babel-call entity])
(defvar bill/rich-text-types '(bold italic subscript link strike-through superscript underline inline-src-block))
;; ignore files matching bill/logseq-exclude-pattern
;; example: (defvar bill/logseq-exclude-pattern (string "^" bill/logseq-folder "/bak/.*$"))
(defvar bill/logseq-exclude-pattern "^$")
(defun bill/textify (headline)
(apply 'concat (flatten-list
(bill/textify-all (org-element-property :title headline))))))
(defun bill/textify-all (nodes) (mapcar 'bill/subtextify nodes))
(defun bill/with-length (str) (cons (length str) str))
(defun bill/subtextify (node)
(cond ((not node) "")
((stringp node) (substring-no-properties node))
((member (org-element-type node) bill/rich-text-types)
(list (bill/textify-all (cddr node))
(if (> (org-element-property :post-blank node))
(make-string (org-element-property :post-blank node) ?\s)
(t "")))
(defun bill/logseq-journal-p (file) (string-match-p (concat "^" bill/logseq-journals) file))
(defun bill/ensure-file-id (file)
"Visit an existing file, ensure it has an id, return whether the a new buffer was created"
(setq file (f-expand file))
(if (bill/logseq-journal-p file)
`(nil . nil)
(let* ((buf (get-file-buffer file))
(was-modified (buffer-modified-p buf))
(new-buf nil)
(when (not buf)
(setq buf (find-file-noselect file))
(setq new-buf t))
(set-buffer buf)
(setq org (org-element-parse-buffer))
(setq has-data (cddr org))
(goto-char 1)
(when (not (and (eq 'section (org-element-type (nth 2 org))) (org-roam-id-at-point)))
;; this file has no file id
(setq changed t)
(when (eq 'headline (org-element-type (nth 2 org)))
;; if there's no section before the first headline, add one
(insert "\n")
(goto-char 1))
(setq org (org-element-parse-buffer)))
(when (nth 3 org)
(when (not (org-collect-keywords ["title"]))
;; no title -- ensure there's a blank line at the section end
(setq changed t)
(setq sec-end (org-element-property :end (nth 2 org)))
(goto-char (1- sec-end))
(when (and (not (equal "\n\n" (buffer-substring-no-properties (- sec-end 2) sec-end))))
(insert "\n")
(goto-char (1- (point)))
(setq org (org-element-parse-buffer)))
;; copy the first headline to the title
(insert (format "#+title: %s" (string-trim (bill/textify (nth 3 org)))))))
;; ensure org-roam knows about the new id and/or title
(when changed (save-buffer))
(cons new-buf buf))))
(defun bill/convert-logseq-file (buf)
"convert fuzzy and file:../pages logseq links in the file to id links"
(let* (changed
(set-buffer buf)
(goto-char 1)
(while (search-forward "[[" nil t)
(setq link (org-element-context))
(setq newlink (bill/reformat-link link))
(when newlink
(setq changed t)
(goto-char (org-element-property :begin link))
(delete-region (org-element-property :begin link) (org-element-property :end link))
;; note, this format string is reall =[[%s][%s]]= but =%= is a markup char so one's hidden
(insert newlink)))
;; ensure org-roam knows about the changed links
(when changed (save-buffer)))))
(defun bill/reformat-link (link)
(let (filename
(when (eq 'link (org-element-type link))
(when (equal "fuzzy" (org-element-property :type link))
(setq filename (f-expand (f-join bill/logseq-pages
(concat (org-element-property :path link) ".org"))))
(setq linktext (org-element-property :raw-link link)))
(when (equal "file" (org-element-property :type link))
(setq filename (f-expand (org-element-property :path link)))
(if (org-element-property :contents-begin link)
(setq linktext (buffer-substring-no-properties
(org-element-property :contents-begin link)
(org-element-property :contents-end link)))
(setq linktext (buffer-substring-no-properties
(+ (org-element-property :begin link) 2)
(- (org-element-property :end link) 2)))))
(when (and filename (f-exists-p filename))
(setq id (caar (org-roam-db-query [:select id :from nodes :where (like file $s1)]
(when id
(setq newlink (format "[[id:%s][%s]]%s"
(if (> (org-element-property :post-blank link))
(make-string (org-element-property :post-blank link) ?\s)
(when (not (equal newlink
(org-element-property :begin link)
(org-element-property :end link))))
(defun bill/roam-file-modified-p (file-path)
(and (not (string-match-p bill/logseq-exclude-pattern file-path))
(let ((content-hash (org-roam-db--file-hash file-path))
(db-hash (caar (org-roam-db-query [:select hash :from files
:where (= file $s1)] file-path))))
(not (string= content-hash db-hash)))))
(defun bill/modified-logseq-files ()
(emacsql-with-transaction (org-roam-db)
(seq-filter 'bill/roam-file-modified-p
(org-roam--list-files bill/logseq-folder))))
(defun bill/check-logseq ()
(let (created
(setq files (org-roam--list-files bill/logseq-folder))
;; make sure all the files have file ids
(dolist (file-path files)
(setq file-path (f-expand file-path))
(setq cur (bill/ensure-file-id file-path))
(setq buf (cdr cur))
(push buf bufs)
(when (and (not (bill/logseq-journal-p file-path)) (not buf))
(push file-path bad))
(when (not (buffer-modified-p buf))
(push buf unmodified))
(when (car cur)
(push buf created)))
;; patch fuzzy links
(mapc 'bill/convert-logseq-file (seq-filter 'identity bufs))
(dolist (buf unmodified)
(when (buffer-modified-p buf)
(save-buffer unmodified)))
(mapc 'kill-buffer created)
(when bad
(message "Bad items: %s" bad))
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zot commented Sep 1, 2022

fixed error handling direct file links like [[./bubba.png]]

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dmgm commented Oct 7, 2022

I tried this today, seems that log-seq creates a subdirectory logseq/bak in the bill/logseq-folder.
The script then processes all the backup and adds them as nodes.

I'm not sure why this happens but with some time I hope to figure it out.

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zot commented Oct 13, 2022

Sorry I'm been super busy these weeks -- you'd probably want to add a bill/logseq-exclude-pattern variable and change bill/roam-file-modified-p to make sure it returns nil for all files that match that pattern.

I'll change this but I won't have time for a week or more.

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I have no claim on your time, but if you were please able to fix the issue identified by dmgm, it would really be helpful.
Right now the integration is completely breaking my dailies, and I do not have the skill to fix it myself. I beg your pardon if the request is impertinent.

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zot commented Nov 11, 2022

I made the change -- I think this should work. Please let me know if there are problems. I don't have a ton of free time to devote to this, but I am reading the comments here...

As the example in the comment says, put a regex pattern in bill/logseq-exclude-pattern that represents what you want to ignore.


(defvar bill/logseq-exclude-pattern (string "^" bill/logseq-folder "/bak/.*$"))

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zot commented Nov 14, 2022

@dmgm, @williamsonday: please let me know if the change fixed the problem!

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dmgm commented Nov 16, 2022

Bill your string wont evaluate for me.

(defvar bill/logseq-exclude-pattern (string "^" bill/logseq-folder "/bak/.*$"))
in the scratch buffer with bill/logseq-folder set to "/Users/dmm/org-roam"

Evaluate c-x c-e

Wrong type of argument: characterp, "^"

I can concat rather than string, but I don't have this working.

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dmgm commented Nov 17, 2022

Changing to (defvar bill/logseq-exclude-pattern "^./bak/.$")
Seems to work.

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zot commented Nov 17, 2022

hmm, maybe this would work better?

(defvar bill/logseq-exclude-pattern "/bak/")

The pattern you used seems to match only files with names like ./bak/., i.e. ones whose names start with a single character, then have "/bak/" and then end with only one more character.

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zot commented Nov 17, 2022

Looks like I needed string-join instead of string in that example:

I think this should be the exact value for you:

(defvar bill/logseq-exclude-pattern (string-join (list "^" bill/logseq-folder "/bak/.*$")))

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dmgm commented Nov 17, 2022 via email

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idanov commented May 10, 2023

Thanks for the amazing work here @zot! I needed this as an emacs package and modified it slightly to fit my needs. You can find my version here in case you would like to apply some of the changes back (namely adding ability to work with page aliases). Thanks to the code here I also found a bug in Logseq which I reported to their repo.

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zot commented May 10, 2023

Very cool! I'll check it out!

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