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Last active Mar 27, 2019
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LaTeX: To make blinking text (if you dare)

bxblink Package

LaTeX: To make blinking text (if you dare)

System requirement

  • TeX format: LaTeX.
  • TeX engine: Anything.
  • DVI driver: dvips / dvipdfmx / pdfTeX / XeTeX.
  • Dependent packages: animate.

The blinking effect is available only when the document is prepared in PDF format and is viewed with an appropriate viewer.

Package Loading


The available options are:

  • dvips, dvipdfmx: Driver options, needed only in DVI mode. The default value (in DVI mode) is dvips.
  • veryslow, slow, normalspeed, fast, veryfast: Specifies the speed of blinking. The default value is normalspeed.


  • `\begin{blink}...\end{blink}: Makes the text in the content (line- breaking is disallowed) blinking.
  • \textblink{...} Makes the argument text blinking.

Takayuki YATO (aka. "ZR")

The package can make your document
more \textblink{attractive}, % NO!
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