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Takayuki YATO zr-tex8r

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zr-tex8r / ixbm.sty
Last active Jun 15, 2016
LuaLaTeX で bm パッケージが動けばいいね
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% ixbm.sty
%% package declaration
\ProvidesPackage{ixbm}[2016/06/15 v0.3]
%% preparation
zr-tex8r / pxeveryshi.sty
Created May 15, 2012
A package to make everyshi compatible with tate-mode of pTeX.
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% pxeveryshi.sty
zr-tex8r / hyperref-lpfix.sty
Created May 31, 2012
Patch to correct non-e-TeX support of hyperref
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% hyperref-lpfix.sty
\ProvidesPackage{hyperref-lpfix}[2012/05/30 v0.2]
zr-tex8r /
Created Jun 16, 2012
use strict;
use utf8;
use Data::Dump 'dump';
my $progname = "darkdawn";
# List the name of the fonts to be inspected.
# (Use font family names; '/B' means bold version.)
@ARGV = split(m/\n/, <<'END') if (!@ARGV);
MigMix 1M/B
zr-tex8r / example-perltex.tex
Created Jun 17, 2012
Value passing between Perl and LaTeX in PerlTeX
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$pvalue = 5;
zr-tex8r / goshutex.sty
Created Jun 17, 2012
A version of python.sty that runs not Python but Gauche
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%% This is a modified version of python.sty by Martin R. Ehmsen.
%% Licensed under GPL v2 or later.
%% You can obtain the original version at:
\ProvidesPackage{goshutex}[2012/06/17 v0.1 Gauche in LaTeX]
zr-tex8r / sample.tex
Created Jun 19, 2012
A sample code of something called "LISP on TeX"
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%% An expression equivalent to
% (let ((two (lambda (s) (lambda (z) (s (s z))))))
% (let ((next (lambda (x) (cons "*" x))))
% (((two (two two)) next) '())))
% in Scheme. It calculates (2^2)^2 and makes an list consisting
% of as many "*"'s as the value (i.e. 16).
zr-tex8r / example1.tex
Created Jun 24, 2012
Something about subcommand & object packages
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\mycmd:foolish % (\mycmd:fool{i}) + (sh)
\mycmd:footware % (\mycmd:foo{t}) + (ware)
zr-tex8r /
Last active Oct 6, 2015
A program to show the mapping between GIDs and glyph names for a given TrueType font
use strict;
my $prog_name = "zrotfdump";
my ($mode, $smode, $font_file);
my @mglist = qw(
.notdef .null nonmarkingreturn space exclam quotedbl numbersign
dollar percent ampersand quotesingle parenleft parenright
asterisk plus comma hyphen period slash zero one two three four
five six seven eight nine colon semicolon less equal greater
question at A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
zr-tex8r / bxpgfooacc.sty
Created Jun 27, 2012
To create (expandable) getter in "OOP in LaTeX" with the PGF oo module
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% bxpgfooacc.sty
%% package declaration
%% preparation