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Zev Ross zross

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View anacod_w_pop.json
"id": 1,
"sex_code": 1,
"mortality_death_age": [{
"mortality_death_age_id": 1,
"death_age": "death_age_00",
"death_num": "995"
}, {
"mortality_death_age_id": 2,
"death_age": "death_age_01",
View ngx-charts-linedata-example.json
"name": "Germany",
"series": [
"name": "2010",
"value": 7300000
"name": "2011",
View anacod2.json
"name": "death_age_95",
"series": [{
"name": "Females",
"value": -6517
}, {
"name": "Males",
"value": 1891
}, {
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"results": [{
"name": "death_age_95",
"series": [{
"name": "Females",
"value": 6517
}, {
"name": "Males",
"value": 1891
zross / scrape_spatial.R
Created Apr 30, 2019
For getting download counts for spatial packages
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# Grab the list of spatial packages from the R Task View (Bivand)
# and get the count of monthly downloads
spatial_task_view <- read_html("")
res <- spatial_task_view %>%
html_nodes(xpath = "/html/body/ul[1]") %>%
html_children() %>%
zross / spatial_example.R
Last active Mar 19, 2018
Spatial analysis with R
View spatial_example.R
# An example of spatial analysis with R that involves grabbing data
# from a PostGIS database, joining to tabular data, projecting
# simplifying and creating an interactive map.
# This data is publicly available but requires some processing
# if you want the county boundaries you can find them here:
# c
# The tabular data requires some processing but the raw data
zross / nested_for_loops.R
Created Dec 15, 2017
Testing nested for loops with foreach
View nested_for_loops.R
# The idea I'm trying to test is if I can nest a parallel
# for loop inside another parallel for loop.
# The following does open up 4 cores with the first loop
# and opens an additional 3 cores with the second. I see
# seven running at one time, the four are turned off then
# 3 are turned off.
# I'm not sure if this is truly 7 parallel cores or if it's
# 4 then 3 sequentially.
zross /
Last active Feb 8, 2019
Web mapping applications with multiple layers

Suggestions from Twitter for more "elegant" web mapping applications

Specifically I'm looking for web mapping applications that include multiple layers and don't look like an ArcGIS clone -- perhaps something that looks like it was designed by a designer rather than a GIS tech :) This is a list of responses from Twitter, many of which do look GIS-y so more suggestions are welcome...

zross / markdown_style.css
Created Sep 21, 2017
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