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STUN server list
# source :
# A list of available STUN server.

Thanks heaps for this :)

I actually ended up using this list as the source list for a node module (browserify friendly):

From my testing though (I make sure each of the servers is currently responding within 5s) as part of the module unit tests, I ended up removing the following as they either were no longer found in DNS or were just too slow to respond:

Thanks, guys!

Just want to add STUN Servers Located in Japan.
I had tested myself as well.

Ref. Source:

Actually, I am thinking about hosting STUN on one of my servers.
I don't believe it requires a high-end server for it, "stability" is a challenge that I know ;-)


There is also

There is also


I'll just leave it here...

List of 267 public STUN servers from EmerCoin project:


URL has changed for EmerCoin stun list:


Also, is currently working


Can I use this STUN servers free of cost?


ആശനെ ചൂമ്മാ കിട്ടും ആയിരിക്കും ഇല്ലേ ...


hi, is there any stun server in China


Public STUN server we do provide since 2 yrs: (UDP + TCP)


stun* use other port now


Is there any stun server from Germany/Austria ?


Interesting that the only one with IPv6 support is, not even google's servers


With IPv6, NAT has been all but eradicated... eliminating the need for all these NAT-workaround technologies :)




mahmoudSarhan commented Jun 14, 2016 edited

is there any server that support tcp ?


Any recommendations for a reliable, commercial service?

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