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Example Snippets from the 2017 OU conference

Code Samples From OUTC17

Template code samples

  1. interior.tmpl
  2. interior.xsl

Snippet code samples


Align Center

Badge Box with Icon and Text

Block Grid


Callout - Secondary - informational, but for short periods of time

Callout - Warning - call attention to a short term closing, an update, system changes, etc.

Event Boxes



Flex Video

This code is marked as deprecated from Foundation in 6.3 we just haven't updated the class names yet in the snippet.

Half and Half Columns - split a container in half

Highlight Box

This was implemented before the release of Foundation 6.3 which introduced Cards, so we may transition to the Foundation code soon.

Image Navigation

Media Object

We need to update this to allow for user to pick if they want to stack on small. Right now, it does it all the time.

News Boxes

News boxes has an extra XSL check to see if the snippet was used, then we insert some extra JavaScript to call out to the WP API.

Page Heading


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