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Created February 9, 2017 08:54
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Hi Adam,
I am planning tech stack for our new product. I have two main "problems" where I would like to hear your perspective.

First one is bootstrapping the product for different environments (dev, test, different prod envs). Where example Spring boot shines is the concept of different env properties and how easy it is to use (you can example code different bootstrapping logic depending on which environment you are). So which way you prefer to separate dev, test, prod environments in your app and how example you enable some feature just for certain environment (example A/B testing for some feature).

Second problem is UI stack. Our product lifeline (hopefully) will be 10+ years so I want to keep out from the SPA JS frameworks. They change too often and also our product will used for bookmarks and SOME sharing so handling those scenarios in SPA is icky. In history we have made mistake and we went for the JSF 1.0 & 1.1 (before facelets and of course we made our own components too). We are still feeling the pain from it and there is no way I'm going to choose anything related to JSF never again (we also have needs for custom components so using just primefaces is not a solution). I really waited for the MVC for Java EE 8 but now it seems to be out from it? What do you recommend for template based development in Java EE? Or do you prefer JS frameworks even if product life line can be long? My ideal solution would be thymeleaf + JAX-RS but I cannot find a way to do it in Java EE 7-8 without the MVC 1.0.

Thanks for your work to educate us and your efforts to keep Java EE relevant!

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tobciu commented Feb 26, 2017

Hi Adam,

how do you manage database connections in Docker?
I'm using Tomee and i define the connection as a Resource in /conf/tomee.xml .
But i think, when i use Tomee in Docker, i had to use the same defined connection for stages (automated testing, integration and production).

greetings from Hamburg

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Hi Adam.

I lookup in JSR-346 about javax.inject.Singleton annotation but I did not find anything. In javadoc I did not find anything. The only reference that I have found is in Weld reference If I deploy this bean in Wildfly:

public class SingletonScope {
 BeanManager manager;
 void init(){
  Class<? extends Annotation> scope = manager.getBeans(SingletonScope.class).iterator().next().getScope();

The output is 'javax.inject.Singleton'. Then, should I assume that this annotation is supported by CDI or only by Weld?

Thanks you, Adam.

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GADNT commented Mar 2, 2017

Hi Adam

Have you tried to integrate the swagger 1/2 with jersey 1.x? Do you have some sample that works? I am trying to deploy to a Weblogic app that provide jersey 1.18 and it looks that is not able to find the resource class that contains my endpoints. Any thoughts related are kindly appreciated.

Thank you

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Hi, Adam.
2 questions:

  1. The New payara release has a deactivated autodeployment feature due to Security risks. In many of your docklands projects you actually use this Feature. What is your workaround? Is the New programmatic bootstrap in payara a good alternative?
  2. I experienced long startup times (15-20 seconds) in payara full version with my applications (thin wars, very much use of Java EE APIs, no external libs). As I switched to payara micro, the times were a little bit better (10-15 seconds). What would be a good way to speed up the deployment/startup or to find potential problems?

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Thanks :)

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vasilaio commented Mar 5, 2017

Hi Adam,
I have 3 questions:

  1. How we deal with field validation in JavaFX + FXML?
  2. Can you show an example how we test JAX-RS application with Arquillian on different servers by using as a maven dependencies the javaee-api. In my case, with tomee I get java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.sun.el.ExpressionFactoryImpl. It works only if I use java-ee api from org.apache.tomee.
  3. When we need to Override getClasses/getSingletons of the class?

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yacota commented Mar 5, 2017

Hi Adam,
I heard you saying that Keycloak is getting more and more popular. When securing applications/services there are different integration strategies, some of them can be found here
Which of them have you used ? (advantages / disadvantages)

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Hi Adam,
I have started learning JEE. Your videos and books have been extremely helpful.
I have independent services which needs orchestration. Which framework can I use to do service orchestration in JEE ? Can this service orchestration be a singleton across clusters ?

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vasilaio commented Mar 6, 2017

Hi Adam,

Thank you for reply, but in second question, about Arquillian, I mean JAX-RS (or JEE) application and not Bean validation.

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chamisf commented Apr 7, 2017

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