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@enji7 enji7 commented Sep 9, 2020


thank you very much for your review of Jareto in the last Airhacks episode - it has highlighted
several gaps in our documentation, which we have addressed in the meantime:

  • exceptions are serialized to JSON, which means that they are also easily consumable by non-Java clients
  • we use JSON instead of HTTP headers for exceptions because this allows us to transport structured data if necessary (the actual data is customizable)
  • the client-side part uses ThreadLocals instead of @RequestScoped to also support standalone applications; the ThreadLocals are automatically cleared in the provided filters

Regards & happy hacking,


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@civitz civitz commented Sep 17, 2020


I was listening to your (very interesting) podcast episode with Emily Jiang, where you also talked about configuration in the jakarta EE / MicroProfile environment.
You mentioned one may need to get a list of all possible configuration keys and values but they are disseminated along the code.

I made a library, which targets old java EE 6, that partially addresses this problem.
It forces/lets you list all your configuration in an enum and then it generates an injector and a custom annotation. With this approach, you can only inject properties that are listed in the enum, and since it supports validation, you can be sure the properties are valid.

The library itself is barebone and not very flexible, but it works in production and it has saved me some headache.
It should be easy to provide configuration source that reads values from microprofile config or similar.

You can find it here


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@robert-niestroj robert-niestroj commented Sep 18, 2020

Would you recommend Quarkus for building monoliths?


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@djafaka djafaka commented Sep 21, 2020

Hi Adam
Thanks for this useful project.
I wondering if there is a planned feature for WAD to detect the change in the docker image and rebuild automatically like the source Java code ?
Many thanks for your response and thanks for your Java Passion !

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