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rinkevics commented Jul 13, 2017

Hi from Riga, Latvia,
As I understand you prefer React over Angular. If I am not mistaken, you have also said that React is better because it supports more standards than Angular. I understand this argument. But I prefer Angular because it has more support for TypeScript. And I really like TypeScript.
Are there any other arguments for choosing React over Angular?
Sorry, I don't have problems with Java EE yet, it is much more simple than JavaScript development right now.

EDIT: ok, found answer myself at airhacks37 minute 30:00
EDIT 2: I have chosen
EDIT 3: Adam just spoke in Devoxx about this

Hi Adam

I read that you are a member of the JSR-375 (Java EE Security API) expert group. Does this API help protecting REST endpoints of Java EE 8 applications?


Hi Adam,

I am trying to understand the reactive programming concepts and would like to know your opinion about the following:

  1. There are so many frameworks like: CompletableFuture, RxJava, Reactive Streams, Akka, Vert.X, ReactJS, ...
    I am a bit confused which one to use, where to use... What do you think about these technologies ? Do you use them, if so in which situation which one, what are your advice's ?

  2. I still cannot see the advantage of RxJava against CompletableFuture of java 8. Seen the fact that I cannot return an Observable from one JVM to another, I don't really see a huge difference/advantage except the possibility to signal the end of a stream or returning an exception on a better way. Do I miss something ?


deratzmann commented Jul 18, 2017

Hi, Adam.

  1. I tried to call an @aynchronous Ejb method containing a long running process from a @startup @singleton Ejb. I expected that this method will not block the Application Start because of the async nature, but does. Am I doing sth wrong here?

  2. Is it possible to use @persistencecontext in an @interceptor annotated at an Ejb? Or in other words: is it possible to make an Interceptor @stateless and use JPA? Payara seems to have a problem with that....

  3. Do you have any experience with AMQP (rabbitMQ,apache qpid) for transferring data asynchronously? Is it useful for sending masses of datasets between microservices in a scalable and reliable way?

Thank you :)


AdamBien commented Jul 18, 2017

@AdamBien To Framework or Not To Framework? via @DZone

— Ali SAĞIRLIBAŞ (@sagirlibas) July 16, 2017

AdamBien commented Jul 18, 2017

Possible to unit test primefaces? Possible to develop an independent primefaces based project then use it w/ backend Javaee later?

— Thai Dang Vu (@dxxvi) July 15, 2017

Hi Adam, If one purchasing the on demand Java EE 7 workshops from, gets all the four workshops listed on the website or only the one clicked? There is no information what the full series contains?


Hi Adam,
I want to use JAX-RS 2.0 client (using Jersey) in a JAVA SE 7 multi-threaded environment project.
How can I make the client instance thread safe so I can reuse it?


Hi Adam!

  • any workshop (streaming/vod) update ?
  • proper and by standard way implementation attachments in JAX-RS?

NejcCarl commented Jul 24, 2017

Hi Adam,

thank you for all the wonderful work that you do!

Can you please comment on the differences between Java EE and C#/.NET ? If you change from one platform to another, how much of your knowledge would transfer? Would the change be something like Java EE -> Node.js or something like Java EE -> Spring?

Thank you,

dempile commented Jul 24, 2017

Hi Adam

1- Have you already used dynamic entity in eclipseLink , and what's your opinion about using it in a production project with large amount of data ?
2- I work with sensitive data, so what is the best way to encrypt data.
3- working offline is Is a much-needed feature, how can I implement it and synchronize data once Im online.
4- Can you share with us a completed project in Github like Arun Gupta's Miles2Run or Cargo Tracker, so we can take it like best practices project.


semisft commented Jul 27, 2017

Hi Adam,
Which conferences do you advice to see the trends of software industry and get the best benefit (no fluff just staff)?

Hey Adam!

Which would be your approach to implement SSR on a custom SPA (ES6) in JavaEE ecosystem ?

I want to avoid jsp.

Thank you!

swhp commented Jul 31, 2017

Hi Adam

I would like to know how you naming your boundary class which just consist of create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) action? I want to avoid something like xxxService or xxxManager in naming class but more and more I will have a class with CRUD responsibility.


nickscha commented Aug 2, 2017

Hi Adam,
Just found for Java 9. As non goal "no standard log interface" is mentioned by referring to java.util logging methods. I think the java.util logger has enough methods for normal projects.

I'm tired of these logging framework debattes.

Within this JEP you have the contract that the Java Logger outputs can be delegated to Log4j etc.. Your thoughts ? I would stick with plain Java before using libaries.

Greetings from Munich.

Hello Adam

I would value your thoughts on Auto Discovering RESTful web services and/or developing a Generic RESTful web service Client.
I would really like to develop a repeatable process where I could periodically auto discover all existing RESTful web services end points with their associated Request/Response structures.

Warm Regards


mehaouihoussem commented Aug 3, 2017

Hello Adam,

1- I want to learn React js / Polymer with a java ee backend , can you show me a good sample project to start with .
2- What do you think about performance of streams api in Java 8 ? and do you think that oracle team will fix the gab of performance between streams and loops ?


Hi Adam,
I am testing HA in glassfish/payara (no hazelcast). I would like to make web session replication working. Do you have any suggestions?
It seems that sessionid is always refreshed and never shared.

JukicD commented Aug 7, 2017

Hi Adam,

I am very interested and excited about the concept of a fat-jar. Therefore my question: Is WildFly Swarm Production ready? Especially when it comes to future support etc ...


Me again :) You often recommend Kubernetes to use for JavaEE Microservices. Is it possible to make a (maybe seperate) Youtube Coding Session which covers Autoscaling, Service Discovery, Fault Tolerance and Load Balancing with Kubernetes? Maybe Openshift is also an Option? This would be great.


AdamBien commented Aug 7, 2017

One more, is there any way to set Timeout in JAX-RS using only JEE or something that works in Jersey and Resteasy?
Thank you!

— Wesley Egberto (@wesleyegberto) August 7, 2017

AdamBien commented Aug 7, 2017

One more, is there any way to set Timeout in JAX-RS using only JEE or something that works in Jersey and Resteasy?
Thank you!

— Wesley Egberto (@wesleyegberto) August 7, 2017

chamisf commented Aug 7, 2017

Hi adam,
How do you see java based frontend like jsp and jsf compared to javascript based ones with javaEE backend? How do you see the future of each and what do you recommend to dive in?
Thank you.

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