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chamisf commented Sep 13, 2017

Hi adam,
You sample codes uploaded to is not available now. Any alternative place to see them?

Best regards

matafe commented Sep 13, 2017 edited

Hi Adam, How do you achieve a dynamic creation on Message Listener in JEE7? (The MDB listen only a queue/topic!) I want to create dynamic Listeners for queues read from a file. My queues are configured in a remote server standalone (Artemis) not in Wildfly configuration file (xml). With Spring I can dynamic create DefaultMessageListenerContainer and set some Message Listeners for this list of queues. Do you have any ideia? I don want deploy a new version of the application every time I add a new queue in my standalone server. Is like the @JMSDestinationDefinitions but programatically.

Hi Adam i have a cuestión i implement Java rest app web, i need implementación session time out , sso( single sign on), with tokens , i can implement with REDIS for tokens validación, session y session time out ? But Jwt is not a solution. How web app normal works

vmiharia commented Sep 18, 2017 edited

Hi Adam,

Thanks a ton for doing the AirHack QA! It provides practical answers to all the "real life" questions, putting aside all the hype.

I have a lot of questions and they can be all over the place, but please bear with me:

  • What factors do you consider before choosing server-side rendering frameworks like JSF or JS frameworks like React?
  • Are the patterns in your JEE pattern book, 'JAVA EE Patterns'(written for JEE 6) still hold true for JEE7 and upcoming JEE8?
  • Your JAVA image for Docker containers uses openJDK instead of Oracle JDK. Any particular reason?

I have more questions, but I will give others a chance to ask few as well :)

gbourant commented Sep 20, 2017 edited

Hello Adam,

Congratulations on the new WebStandards Online Workshop.

  1. When you are using keycloak , how do you handle additional user properties?

    • Would you bother editing keycloak configuration to provide additional properties , or would you have a 'users' microservice (with it's own database) that communicates with keycloak (another microservice) and you would map each user from 'users' microservice with Keycloak User's ID ?
  2. Which is the best way to handle 'money' variable in Java(BigDecimal ?) and which SQL data type to choose ?

    • I'm using JPA - Hibernate and MySQL

Thanks in advance.

amihaiemil commented Sep 22, 2017 edited

Hey Adam,

EJB question here:
I have 2 .ears deployed on the same JBOSS, each containing a .jar with EJBs (same .jar, maybe different versions of it).

When a resource in .ear A uses an EJB (simply injects it with @EJB, nothing else), where will it take the EJB from? From its own .jar, which it has as a dependency, or from the .jar which comes as a dependency to .ear B?

I think another way of putting the question is: Is the EJB container local, per application, or global, per server? Because if it's global, then for sure the scenario above poses a problem: we may have 2 versions of the same EJB and not knowing which one is going to be used when.


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