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kovica commented Apr 10, 2017

What do you think about the Gartner report Market Guide for Application Platforms? More detail/comments in

swhp commented Apr 12, 2017

Hi Adam Bien.

This is my first time asking on Airhacks after watching many videos about Java EE from you. First, thank you for the Airhacks Q&A and many of your screen cast. I learned a lot about Java EE from you and honestly it's really helpful for someone lie me who just started to learn about Java EE.

I want to know more about Boundary, Control, Entity (BCE) architecture since it's very simple and I very like to use that on my project. I understand how to put the business logic code in BCE architecture but how about configuration class for example logger producer, custom beans validation, and sometimes I need to made a helper class. How will you organize this class in BCE architecture?


cbustamantem commented Apr 20, 2017

Hi Adam
What is your suggestion about modular JSF / Primefaces projects,

We are involved in a huge primefaces project (300+ entities + tons of dto /data/beans) all in one WAR
Right now, our team is trying to split the project into small pieces, but our main goal is to make small modules to attach them into a big project and separate the data / operations layer using microservices.

Any recommendation?
Cheers from Asunción Paraguay

Hi Adam, thanks for your video, I'm enjoing Java with simplicity again!
In your recent project Firehose, you have chosen the pattern, the business app serves "the metrics gateway" and the gateway serves Prometheus.
My concern is to avoid saturation of Firehose http theads on business load.
What do you thick about importing and injecting the "gateway" directly in the business app (As a regular ejb) ? Or using JMS (if provided by the app server) to report metrics in asynch mode.

Hi Adam, Thank you For Your Effort
What is the best way for storing translations, property files and use it with JSF bundle or database, Noting that we have thousands of keys

Regards :)

GADNT commented May 2, 2017

Hi Adam,

Maybe a novice questions but,, let's say that you have an endpoint that supports only GET and have 5 (or more ) query params. How you consider the better way to handle this to have because it seems ugly to me as a endpoint declaration... maybe having more endpoints with few query params or maybe some framework that can be used to specify the parameters and let the endpoint that params will be used? change to POST and use a JSON object?
Hope is clear what I mean by my question.
Thank you

Hi Adam, greetings!

About using JAX-RS and JSON on Wildfly, is there any way to resolve the "Unknown properties" using only JEE, without use the Jackson libs.

Thank you!

senleft commented May 2, 2017

Dear Adam,

Which application server you will choose today if you need to design 'average' JEE application and there are no any special requirements from the customer?

Regards, Aleksandr

roeltje25 commented May 3, 2017

Dear Adam,

Greetings from holland. I am grateful for your monthly airhacks shows, I have learned a lot already. One thing you always reiterate is that we only need one dependency, i.e. javaee-api. This yields among other things superfast build times of docker images as you have shown multiple times. However, it is sometimes needed to add additional dependencies regardless. I think e.g. about jcache, where I need to incorporate hazelcast or another implementation. Or think about phonenumber parsing, where I would opt to incorporate the google phonenumber parsing library.

The question then is the following. Would it be possible to setup a docker image in such a way that the (almost never changing) dependencies are already incorporated in a docker layer, such that building and deploying becomes fast even when we have some dependencies? And how to do that in a portable way accross java ee containers?

with kind regards,


walu-lila commented May 3, 2017

HI Adam,

I was wondering if CDI Events support generic class, i.e. suppose we have
public interface Event extends Serializable {}
public class DomainEvent<T extends Event> {}

and we have two events;
where OrderCreated and OrderDelivered implement Event

How can we implement separate listeners for this events in a JAVA EE environment?
Using spring framework we would have class DomainEvent implement ResolvableTypeProvider


viktorcitaku commented May 4, 2017

Hello Adam, what is your opinion regarding the recent fuss about Project Jigsaw after IBM and Red Hat seem to be against it, in it's current state?

(Source of my question:

mehdithe commented May 5, 2017

hi adam .
I'm just starting with java EE and i would like some advice on how to approach it effectively . (all my friends are doing some cool shiny stuff like node.js) i like java so just a little advice on the path to take in learning java EE would be very much appreciate it .
i love your work on github and on youtube all thought i don't understand it completely .


AdamBien commented May 8, 2017

Application Servers, Connection Pools and Clustering (a question from the field)

Hi Adam, for what we need use JavaEE with Payara, Glassfish and so on, if we have Jersey - JAX-RS implementation? :)


AdamBien commented May 8, 2017

@AdamBien Hi Adam ! What do you think of JPMS ?

— Alexandre Fruchaud (@alexthep) May 8, 2017

Hi Adam,

I am using a @Asynchronous method, whichs returns a java.util.concurrent.Future inside a stateless bean to start some long running task (several minutes) via JAX-RS. After that I can poll the status and see if the execution isDone().
Which approach would you use to also update the current progress (%) that it can be polled via JAX-RS?

Best regards,

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