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Last active March 17, 2023 12:13
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Hey, thank you for mkxp. Your influence on the RPG Maker scene can't be overstated — a lot of amazing games run natively on Linux and Mac thanks to you (and all the other contributors too, of course). I hope you're feeling better now, and I wish you good luck on your future endeavors.

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orochii commented Aug 2, 2020

Thanks a lot Ancurio. I know I might be doing something wrong by using your code and adding shitty badly coded things, but it's for my own leisure so I don't care! You say that it would be more productive learning something more modern (probably referring to actually learning to code and stuff), but after years of using Unity, I still feel comfortable when using good old and rusty RPG Maker XP. Now less laggy if I just throw some mkxp or mkxp-z.

So yeah, uhhhh. Also my game is on Steam if you wanna check it out, it's free.

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@orochii Sorry, I fear that my remarks regarding that area might have come off more disparaging than I had intended. I'm personally a bit jaded after a bit too much playtesting certain mkxp-ports (XP based) that never bothered to tweak the framerate above the hardcoded 40 FPS (even though XP allows that just fine IIRC). I literally got headaches during it and just felt so hopeless because I couldn't do anything about the situation without screwing up animation and cutscene logic. Also, porting the very same win32api scripts a million times over. I think if lethargy hadn't crushed me I would have started a project to prepare copy-pastable mkxp ports of every "mouse and keyboard " / "fullscreen" script that's being passed around in forums.

I'm very happy that people have taken mkxp and build cool things out of it. This includes engine-forks themselves like mkxp-z, the ports of existing freeware games to Android as well as all the game devs who decided to base their own creations on my project (OneShot comes to mind). Also, the fact that this exists is super cool. I recall even seeing RMXP games run on the Switch at some point.

I make my code libre for a reason, and I'm glad that other people were able to benefit from it while honoring the GPL and making their own modifications public.

So please don't ever feel discouraged from using mkxp for whatever endeavors you are pursuing :) If you're creating something on your own time, do whatever. If you're making a paid product, I'd like to ask you to also think of the experience your users will have.

Btw: I recently opened a discord server if you wanna chat:

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orochii commented Aug 2, 2020

I do understand your point however. RPG Maker as a whole has aged poorly, not only the old Ruby incarnations, the newer Javascript ones still miss some important points (i.e. logic still tied to fps, though I think this is also done because it's easier to understand for newcomers).

I think mkxp did what was doable. Which is to improve the things that could be improved, namely the groundworks of the engine, while maintaining compatibility as good as possible. Inori did some great stuff too as they managed to add Win32API support to mkxp-z. If you can grab a vanilla RMXP project (anything that doesn't use win32api works out of the box), throw mkxp, and instantly regain like 500FPS, that's an absolute victory for me. The rest is up to the community and every developer out there.

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thank you for your work. open-source implementations of proprietary engines like these are critical for preservation and software freedom and my personal favorite kind of projects. don't stress over development, that just takes away the joy of programming. we'll be here whenever you feel like coming back

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