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December update

Hello! Happy New Year! 🎊

This is my summary of the progress and needs that have arisen during this month in the Training area. Considering that a new year has started, in "Pending work", I will talk about some purposes that I think it would be interesting to achieve this 2023.

Last month, Alejandra Quetzalli opened a discussion with proposals to work on in the Docs area in 2023. Among these proposals, she included the education videos πŸ’œ. Thanks to this proposal some people have decided to join this year the work in the Training area and I couldn't be happier. I thank Alejandra Quetzalli, Lukasz Gornicki, Siham Tahi, Sergio Moya, Fran MΓ©ndez, Valeria HernΓ‘ndez, and Dameeolawuyi for their feedback and involvement in the work of this area. And to Thulie Sibanda and Florence Njeri for their involvement this new year!🌻

Work done:

  • We continue working on the first block of educational videos. These training videos' main goal is to introduce and train users in AsyncAPI.

  • AsyncAPI watermark has been added to all animations.

  • All bugs in the animations have been reviewed and adjusted.

Work in progress:

Pending work:

Below are several tasks and objectives that I believe could be achieved in the new year:

  • Proposals to close the first block of videos:

    • Decide whether to make a video on AsyncAPI use cases within this block (asyncapi/training#10 (comment)).
    • We need feedback on the scripts now that we have all the information, including the animations. Then we can finalize the scripts.
    • Update the storyboards when the scripts are completely finalized.
    • Select the main content of each video to create a short version of each one.
    • Search for the people who will be the speakers of the videos.
    • Promote the videos through AsyncAPI's social networks once they are finished.
  • Proposals for the second block of videos:

    • Open a discussion in the community on which would be the first area (documentation, specification, Glee...) to focus on to create the second block.
    • Talk to the main responsible people working in the specific area.
    • Design a plan for video contents.
    • Develop scripts, animations, storyboards... Follow the structural steps of block 1.
  • Create the third block of videos following the steps of the previous blocks.

As you can see, a lot of work is needed in this area. Anyone who wants to join is welcome πŸ™‚

Feel free to make any comments or suggestions to improve these updates.

See you next month! Have a nice beginning of the year! ✨

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Thanks for understanding Barbanio.

My thought -


When you have time - please help clarify my query.

Thanking you,

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derberg commented Jan 12, 2023

@rajendra-kashi hey there, the idea behind πŸ‘‡ diagram is to explain that there are 2 kinds of messages:

  • triggered by an event in the system
  • message can be also a result of the request:
    • request could be a command - you request to perform some action, somewhere in the system,
    • request can also be a query to system, to get some info as response to another channel

Screenshot 2023-01-12 at 17 56 57

I don't think you have cases where you'd like event or command to handle response as well. The request/response pattern is also specific and pretty rare. It is super common for Websocket and also used in Kafka. So I would not agree with the diagram entirely

And in case of headers, remember that they are not present in all protocols as well. For example in WebSocket. In many cases headers and some other metadata can be packed together with data in one message envelope (CloudEvents standard)

Does that make sense?

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