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"title": [
"LOCOMOTIVE\u00ae - Enterprise Technical SEO Agency"
"description": [
"LOCOMOTIVE\u00ae - 2019 U.S. Search Awards \"Best SEO Agency\". We are an agency team of enterprise technical, and on-page SEO specialists: Moving you forward."
dsottimano / gist:e3e6294f80cb1cbb526d1defed322850
Last active Oct 13, 2020
Tech seo boost 2019 - Dave Sottimano - Apps script demo
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//serpApiKey from
serpApiKey : "add your api key"
pshapiro / Auto301Redirects.ipynb
Created Jun 19, 2019
Automatic 301 Redirects with SpaCy
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jroakes /
Last active Aug 31, 2020
ML Repository for SEO

Machine Learning Repository for SEO

SEO is a field that is rich with data, yet many young SEOs may not be equipped to learn tools that will prepare them for the future. We want to support our community by using our expertise to provide access to more advanced tools that will allow SEOs of all levels to play with the technologies that will shape the future of our work.


  • Provide a repositiory that makes it possible to learn about ML specifically targeted to those interested in SEO
  • Provide a repository that allows a novice user to run a simple model on something meaningful for SEO.
  • Provide a repository that allows advanced users to save time on data getting, cleaning, preprocessing, and model selection.
  • Allow users to showcase work and models developed.
  • Have users get involved with the future development of the repo.
pshapiro /
Created Jun 6, 2018
Use Text Summarization Algorithms to Help Aid the Writing of Meta Descriptions
import csv
import os
from sumy.parsers.html import HtmlParser
from sumy.parsers.plaintext import PlaintextParser
from sumy.nlp.tokenizers import Tokenizer
from sumy.summarizers.lsa import LsaSummarizer as Lsa
from sumy.summarizers.luhn import LuhnSummarizer as Luhn
from sumy.summarizers.text_rank import TextRankSummarizer as TxtRank
from sumy.summarizers.lex_rank import LexRankSummarizer as LexRank
from sumy.summarizers.sum_basic import SumBasicSummarizer as SumBasic
pshapiro /
Created Apr 28, 2016
Generate interactive keyword research growth matrix with Python + Bokeh plots from CSV file.
# library imports
import pandas as pd
from import output_notebook, show
from bokeh.plotting import figure, output_file, ColumnDataSource
from bokeh.models import HoverTool, BoxAnnotation, BoxSelectTool, BoxZoomTool, WheelZoomTool, ResetTool
from bokeh.resources import CDN
from bokeh.embed import file_html
# Import csv into pandas dataframe, direct to KNIME version to follow
a-know /
Last active Mar 12, 2020
!! Deprecated !! - Get and Show cell's value from Google Spreadsheet Widget for Dashing


Get and Show cell's value from Google Spreadsheet Widget for Dashing.


  • gem 'google-api-client'
  • gem 'google_drive'


dashing install e0ad37c2e137d2da0916