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10maurycy10 /
Created March 15, 2022 22:03
A script to remove Rippling MDM. take from right from /opt/rippling:
export PS4='+[$(date -u)][${BASH_SOURCE}:${LINENO}]: ${FUNCNAME[0]:+${FUNCNAME[0]}(): }'; set -x;
if [ `id -u` -ne 0 ]; then
echo "Rippling uninstall must be run by root"
exit 1
sudo launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.rippling.*
merlinmann /
Last active April 17, 2024 21:52
Merlin's Wisdom Project (Draft)

Merlin's Wisdom Project

Or: “Everybody likes being given a glass of water.”

By Merlin Mann.

It's only advice for you because it had to be advice for me.

IanColdwater / twittermute.txt
Last active July 2, 2024 02:25
Here are some terms to mute on Twitter to clean your timeline up a bit.
Mute these words in your settings here:
jesstelford /
Last active January 10, 2024 20:08
Read SHAPE UP by basecamp on a Kindle / reMarkable / eReader

Read Shape Up by basecamp on a kindle / reMarkable / eReader

Basecamp's new book Shape Up is now available online ( to read page-by-page.

There is a .pdf version, but that's not the best format for Kindle / other eReaders. Instead, we can convert the page-by-page into an eReader friendly format.

Part 1: Convert to a single page

NOTE: This has only been tested on Chrome

#SingleInstance force
MsgBox, 4,, Clear Recycle Bin?
IfMsgBox Yes
#NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
45deg / EraseAllLikes.js
Last active August 4, 2019 23:05
Delete All Twitter Likes
// prerequisite: npm install twitter fs-extra delay
const Twitter = require('twitter');
const fs = require('fs-extra');
const delay = require('delay');
var client = new Twitter({
consumer_key: 'WRITE',
consumer_secret: 'YOUR',
access_token_key: 'APP',
RadGH / recalculate-acf-locations.php
Last active July 19, 2023 19:16
Get latitude and longitude for addresses saved in Advanced Custom Fields, using Google's GeoLocation API
global $acf_recalc_settings;
// IMPORTANT: Customize these settings for your website.
$acf_recalc_settings = array(
// How many updates to do each page load. As of November 2018, Google's GeoLocation API limit is 100 per second.
'posts_per_run' => 16,
nuxodin / focusin focusout support for firefox.js
Last active February 7, 2024 16:40
focusin focusout support for firefox
/* Copyright (c) 2016 Tobias Buschor | MIT License */
/* focusin/out event polyfill (firefox) */
var w = window,
d = w.document;
if (w.onfocusin === undefined) {
d.addEventListener('focus' ,addPolyfill ,true);
d.addEventListener('blur' ,addPolyfill ,true);
d.addEventListener('focusin' ,removePolyfill ,true);
Warbo / gist:9d8425fcdd7c026c795a
Last active August 29, 2015 14:01
Array/object lookup function, especially for Drupal
* Looks up values from deep inside a container (object or array) in a safe way.
* For example:
* lookup(
* array('foo' => array('bar' => 'baz')),
* array('foo', 'bar')
* ) === 'baz'
afischoff / pardot-form-handler-iframe.html
Last active December 1, 2022 20:51
Example of using a hidden iframe to pass data to a Pardot form handler before continuing with normal form submission.
<title>Pardot Example Form Handler Submit</title>
<!-- Include jQuery -->
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<!-- Post to Pardot function -->
<script type="text/javascript">
// set the pardot form handler url and form element id