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Coxxs /
Created October 29, 2022 15:03 — forked from jam1garner/
GDB for Switch Modding Cheatsheet/Tutorial

This is a mini-tutorial of sorts for getting started with gdb on the Switch, with the target audience being people who want to mod and/or reverse games, with no prerequisite knowledge of gdb. The goal will be to walk you through some of the basic workflows needed to use a debugger on the Switch, while being brief enough for skimming for when you forget things.

If some part is unclear, your OS doesn't have install instructions, or you feel part of your workflow should be added here, feel free to comment any additions.

(If you only need a quick reference Jump to the Appendix)

Installing GDB

First off you'll need a version of GDB compatible with aarch64. This can be obtained via either a distribution of

Coxxs / stylish-font-replacement.css
Created January 2, 2022 03:35 — forked from Hexcles/stylish-font-replacement.css
Font substitute CSS for web pages
View stylish-font-replacement.css
* Replace ugly Chinese bitmap fonts with system default sans-serif.
* ATTENTION: this will intentionally change the appearance of web pages!
* Most Chinese websites do not mean to use serif fonts, especially for these ugly ones.
@font-face {
font-family: "宋体";
src: local("sans-serif");
Coxxs /
Created December 14, 2021 19:53 — forked from sleirsgoevy/
Script for enabling mass storage emulation on rooted Samsung phones
set -x
killall -STOP adbd
sleep 1
echo 0 > $A/enable
echo mass_storage > $A/functions
echo disk > $A/f_mass_storage/luns
echo 1 > $A/enable
sleep 1
Coxxs / PowerSerttings.Unhide.reg
Created November 22, 2021 14:50 — forked from Dark4Codrutz/PowerSerttings.Unhide.reg
Reveals the most used hidden power settings in Windows 10. The value Attributes=2 means reveal, where value of 1 or 0 means hide from Power Options. Good Tweaking!
View PowerSerttings.Unhide.reg
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
;Reveals the most used hidden power settings in Windows 10. The value Attributes=2 means reveal, where value of 1 or 0 means hide from Power Options.
;Good Tweaking!
;Power Scheme Personality
Coxxs /
Created March 11, 2018 06:17 — forked from dd-han/
using Cloudflare as DDNS in ASUSWRT-Merlin firmware

ASUSWRT-MERLIN custom DDNS Script for Cloudflare

for Cloudflare as DDNS

using Cloudflare API v4


put ddns-start at /jffs/scripts/, setting values and set DDNS type to Custom at web Admin panel.

Coxxs / GAME_MASTER_v0_1.protobuf
Created July 18, 2016 06:11 — forked from anonymous/GAME_MASTER_v0_1.protobuf
Pokemon Go decoded GAME_MASTER protobuf file v0.1
View GAME_MASTER_v0_1.protobuf
Result: 1
Items {
Badge {
BadgeRanks: 4
Targets: "\nd\350\007"
Items {