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Make Gist editor automatically resize based on content using a TamperMonkey script
// ==UserScript==
// @name gist-editor-resize-userscript
// @namespace
// @version 0.1
// @description Automatically resize the gist editor for easier editing.
// @match http*://*
// @copyright 2013+ Joel Day -
// ==/UserScript==
var textareas = document.querySelectorAll('textarea.file_contents');
var span = document.createElement('div'); = "hidden";
$('textarea.file-contents').keyup(function(){ = this.offsetWidth + 'px'; =;
span.innerText = this.value; = span.offsetHeight + 'px';
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NeWbLt123 commented Jul 10, 2014

Is this still supposed to work ?
I'm getting ERROR: Execution of script 'gist-editor-resize-userscript' failed! Cannot read property 'getDocument' of undefined


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jm3 commented Sep 4, 2014

@NeWbLt123 ja, same

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Dayjo commented Sep 23, 2014

@jm3 @NeWbLt123 - I've updated this to now at least support the normal textarea style editor (not Ace yet)

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dragon788 commented Jun 22, 2016

Any chance on getting this updated for Ace, or is it just a pain in the 'ace'?

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Artistan commented Nov 30, 2017

Recommend setting your namespace to
So people can come back to this for updates 👍

FYI ... errror

ERROR: Execution of script 'gist-editor-resize-userscript' failed! $ is not a function

this may be a relevant reference for a better solution

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