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Alexis Beingessner Gankra

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Painting --- compositing layer tree:
LayerManager (0x164ce420400) --- in 3D-sorted rendering order
ContainerLayerMLGPU (0x164c4441800) [shadow-visible=< (x=0, y=0, w=3205, h=2017); (x=0, y=2017, w=3162, h=4826); >] [visible=< (x=0, y=0, w=3205, h=2016); >] [opaqueContent] [metrics0={ [metrics={ [cb=(x=0.000000, y=0.000000, w=3205.000000, h=2016.000000)] [sr=(x=0.000000, y=0.000000, w=1282.000000, h=806.400024)] [s=(0,0)] [dp=(x=0.000000, y=0.000000, w=1282.000000, h=806.400024)] [cdp=(x=0.000000, y=0.000000, w=0.000000, h=0.000000)] [scrollId=3] [z=2.5] }] [color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.000000)] }] [presShellResolution=1]
PaintedLayerMLGPU (0x164c4445800) [shadow-visible=< (x=0, y=0, w=3205, h=2016); >] [visible=< (x=0, y=0, w=3205, h=2016); >] { hitregion=< (x=0, y=0, w=3205, h=2016); > dispatchtocontentregion=< (x=100, y=2, w=2660, h=83); >} [opaqueContent] [valid=< (x=0, y=0, w=3205, h=2016); >]
ContentHost (0x164c440da60) [buffer-rect=(x=0, y=0, w=3205, h=2016)] [buffer-rotation=(0,0)]
/// Generate a color ramp filling the indices in [start_idx, end_idx) and interpolating
/// from start_color to end_color.
fn fill_colors(
start_idx: usize,
end_idx: usize,
start_color: &PremultipliedColorF,
end_color: &PremultipliedColorF,
entries: &mut ArrayVec<[GradientDataEntry; GRADIENT_DATA_SIZE]>,
) {
debug_assert_eq!(start_idx, entries.len());
Gankra /
Last active Jun 28, 2019 — forked from 0xabad1dea/
Speedrunning FAQ/Glossary

Speedrunning FAQ/Glossary

by 0xabad1dea September 2018

You may notice a decidedly Nintendo bias to the examples. I can't change who I am.

What is Speedrunning?

Speedrunning is:

  • Completing a video game

My mental model of Initialization and Deinitialization:

This is kind've a brain dump of concepts, and does not necessarily represent a well-defined and minimized model. For instance, it's not clear to me if deinitialized memory is a "real" thing, or just a concept I like to have to think about dropped memory.

There are 3 (5) states a bit can have: uninit, init (0 or 1), deinit (0 or 1)

Freshly allocated memory is uninit. mem::unitialized() produces uninit.

Initializing memory makes it init with a definite value.

#[cfg(not(target_os = "freebsd"))]
pub struct ContainsNoExternTy {
pub field: no_extern::NoExternTy,
#[cfg(target_os = "freebsd")]
pub struct ContainsNoExternTy {
pub field: u64,
View test.html
<html reftest-async-scroll>
body {
display: flex;
flex-direction: column;
width: 100%;
height: 100%;
// **** This clip-chain correctly clips the content
id: (3, (1, 10)),
parent: None,
), [
Clip(4, (1, 10)),// [0]
Clip(2, (1, 10)),// [1]
]),// [16]
output_rect: ((0, 0), (2880, 1710)),
background_color: Some((
r: 1,
g: 1,
b: 1,
a: 1,
root_pic_index: (1),
pending_retained_tiles: (
View WebRenderApi.cpp
void DisplayListBuilder::PushShadow(const wr::LayoutRect& aRect,
const wr::LayoutRect& aClip,
bool aIsBackfaceVisible,
const wr::Shadow& aShadow) {
// Local clip_rects are translated inside of shadows, as they are assumed to
// be part of the element drawing itself, and not a parent frame clipping it.
// As such, it is not sound to apply the MergeClipLeaf optimization inside of
// shadows. So we disable the optimization when we encounter a shadow.
// Shadows don't span frames, so we don't have to worry about MergeClipLeaf
// being re-enabled mid-shadow. The optimization is restored in PopAllShadows.
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