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Spacing space, sciencing all the science

Kerbal Space Agency KSAMissionCtrl

Spacing space, sciencing all the science
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KSAMissionCtrl / frictionCtrl.ks
Created Jan 26, 2018
Automatic control of wheel friction to prevent spinouts at high speeds on takeoff/landing
View frictionCtrl.ks
set tailwheel to ship:partstagged("tail")[0]:getmodule("modulewheelbase").
set mainwheels to ship:partstagged("main").
set state to "speedup".
until false {
if state = "speedup" and ship:velocity:surface:mag >= 25 {
set state to "slowdown".
tailwheel:setfield("friction control", 0).
mainwheels[0]:getmodule("kspwheelbase"):setfield("friction multiplier", 0).
mainwheels[1]:getmodule("kspwheelbase"):setfield("friction multiplier", 0).
KSAMissionCtrl / SpaceAutosave.ks
Created Dec 13, 2017
Saves the game upon reaching space
View SpaceAutosave.ks
when ship:altitude >= 70000 then {
if kuniverse:canquicksave {
// works if the engines are not thrusting
} else {
// works under any circumstances
// wait for the engines to stop thrusting then saveto
when kuniverse:canquicksave then {
KSAMissionCtrl / TrimCtrl.ks
Created Apr 6, 2017
Set trim via joystick buttongs using Advanced Fly-By Wire mod
View TrimCtrl.ks
// unfortunately this doesn't work great. Trim setting is not shown by moving the flight tabs
// furthermore while AFBW obeys trim when set with keys, setting with kOS causes a re-center of control during input
set pitchTrim to 0.
set yawTrim to 0.
set ship:control:pitchtrim to pitchTrim.
set ship:control:yawtrim to yawTrim.
until false {
on AG3 {
set pitchTrim to pitchTrim + 0.01.
KSAMissionCtrl / LOS.ks
Last active Sep 2, 2019
See if radio signal can be directly beamed to any point on or over Kerbin's surface
View LOS.ks
// draw vector from ship to comm station
until false {
vecdraw(V(0,0,0), latlng(-0.126280218823762,-74.6060470283197):altitudeposition(75), green, "", 1.0, true, 5).
wait 0.1.
KSAMissionCtrl / DarkTime.ks
Created Nov 23, 2016
How long your probe will orbit in the dark
View DarkTime.ks
// from
print "Estimation:"+round(1+abs(ETA:PERIAPSIS-ETA:APOAPSIS) * (arcsin(orbit:body:radius/(orbit:body:radius+altitude))/90))+ " s.".
KSAMissionCtrl / KerbalMass.cfg
Last active Oct 12, 2016
MM patch that gives mass to kerbals in ships
View KerbalMass.cfg
// only affects craft mass in flight, not in the editor!
@kerbalCrewMass = 0.03125
KSAMissionCtrl / LocalCtrl.ks
Created May 4, 2016
A way to control probes in real-time when dealing with RT2 signal delay. Mainly for pointing cameras
View LocalCtrl.ks
// REQUIRED: ActionGroupsExtended mod, which allows action group bindings to circumvent RT2 signal delay
// Can change action groups to whatever works for you, I use AGX to assign them to Numpad keys
set running to true.
set locked to true.
// exit the program
on AG8 { set running to false. }.
// kill rotation
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