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Created May 17, 2012 05:08
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HOWTO install Sublime Text 2 in Debian Squeeze
# Download Sublime Text 2 from
# If you aren't root, sudo su
tar -xvjf Sublime\ Text\ 2*.tar.bz2
mv Sublime\ Text\ 2/ /opt/sublime-text-2/
ln -s /opt/sublime-text-2 /usr/local/sublime-text-2
ln -s /usr/local/sublime-text-2/sublime_text /usr/local/bin/sublime_text
rm Sublime\ Text\ 2*.tar.bz2
# Sublime Text 2 can now be run as normal user with command "sublime_text"
# In GNOME 2, you can add it to the application menu by:
# 1. Right click on the Applications menu
# 2. Select "edit menus"
# 3. Click on "Programming"
# 4. Select "new item"
# - Type: Application
# - Name: Sublime Text 2
# - Command: sublime_text
# - Icon: /opt/sublime-text-2/Icon/48x48/sublime_text.png
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embs commented Sep 5, 2012

Nice done!

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embs commented Sep 5, 2012

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tavo962 commented Jan 26, 2013


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Thank you

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Sarchis commented Jun 4, 2013


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elberths commented Jun 9, 2013


tar -xvjf Sublime\ Text\ 2_.tar.bz2
mv Sublime\ Text\ 2/ /opt/sublime-text-2/
ln -s /opt/sublime-text-2 /usr/local/sublime-text-2
ln -s /usr/local/sublime-text-2/sublime_text /usr/local/bin/sublime_text
rm Sublime\ Text\ 2_.tar.bz2

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Thanks a lot!!!

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If you're on Debian Wheezy (or any Linux that uses Gnome > 3.4) you can open the "Main Menu" app and add a link to the Sublime Text Application.
You can find the icon in the "Icon" folder
Hope it helps somebody!

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zohnyc commented Nov 6, 2013

Thank you ! : D

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Simple tip, but very usefull. Thanks :)

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aj07mm commented Jun 19, 2014

nice help, thks!

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ghost commented Sep 16, 2014

Thank you :)

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how to crack sublimetext/3 on arsitecture i386

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It's ok just with this version 3 (13/11/2016).
You should adapt with your newest version.
I've choiced to execute Sublime Text with "st3" command.

Go to
Here, i download "sublime_text_3_build_3126_x64.tar.bz2" in /home/Téléchargements (Be carreful with folders, i'm french ;-) )
Don't forget : Tab completion is an extremely helpful feature in nearly any command-line environment !

cd /home/$USERNAME/Téléchargements/ in french (or cd /home/$USERNAME/Downloads/ in english)
tar -xvjf sublime_text_3_build_3126_x64.tar.bz2
sudo mv sublime_text_3 /opt/
sudo ln -s /opt/sublime_text_3 /usr/local/sublime_text_3
sudo ln -s /usr/local/sublime_text_3/sublime_text /usr/local/bin/st3
sudo rm sublime_text_3_build_3126_x64.tar.bz2

Now, try "st3" command
Enjoy !

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Thank you, it work !

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imran-uk commented Sep 10, 2017

I've wrote something to automate the installation of Sublime Text 2 on Debian with Gnome 3 - it handles everything: setting the icon, creating install directory, does not require root at all and it even downloads it for you automatically:

I've tested it on Debian Stretch but it should work on any FreeDesktop-compliant desktop not just Gnome 3

I've also made a blog entry on the finishing touch to installation (getting it into menu's etc):

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