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Koziolek / Dockerfile
Created January 19, 2024 12:03 — forked from adtac/Dockerfile
#!/usr/bin/env docker run
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#!/usr/bin/env -S bash -c "docker run -p 8080:8080 -it --rm \$(docker build --progress plain -f \$0 . 2>&1 | tee /dev/stderr | grep -oP 'sha256:[0-9a-f]*')"
# syntax = docker/dockerfile:1.4.0
FROM node:20
RUN npm install sqlite3
Koziolek /
Last active August 2, 2022 07:52 — forked from lfischer/
My approximation of nvie's git flow when using maven-release-plugin to cut releases. -
# How to perform a release with git & maven following the git flow conventions
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Finding the next version: you can see the next version by looking at the
# version element in "pom.xml" and lopping off "-SNAPSHOT". To illustrate,
# if the pom's version read "0.0.2-SNAPSHOT", the following instructions would
# perform the release for version "0.0.2" and increment the development version
# of each project to "0.0.3-SNAPSHOT".
# branch from develop to a new release branch
git checkout develop
Koziolek / git-multi-hook-template
Created November 7, 2020 16:32 — forked from damienrg/git-multi-hook-template
Script to allow multi hooks per hook type for git
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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Allow multiple hooks.
# To use it copy this script with executable permission in ".git/hooks/hook-name"
# where hook-name is the name of the hook (see man githooks to know available hooks).
# Then place your scripts with executable permission in ".git/hooks/hook-name.d/".
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Task 1
1. Create the classes defined by the diagram. For the sake of simplicity, on this step, bank has one ten-client-array where one client can have one account.
2. The Account class has the constructor that accepts the id and the starting balance value, and also has deposit(x) method adding the x value to the balance and withdraw(x), that decreases the balance by x, in case balance >= x. Implement the getBalance() method that returns the current account balance value.
3. Create the BankApplication class. BankApplication creates a Bank class object and adds several new clients to the bank. Each new client must have one account with some starting value.
4. Implement the BankApplication.modifyBank() method that changes balance values (using the deposit() and withdraw() methods) for some bank clients’ accounts.
5. Implement the BankApplication.printBalance() method that iterates through the bank clients and prints the balance value of their accounts.
Task 2
Koziolek /
Created September 26, 2017 13:45
Which method `sayHellow` we call?
package com.luxoft.oop;
public class HelloWorld {
public static void main(String[] args) {
MessagePrinter printer = new MessagePrinter();
Message msg = new Message("I am message");
Greetings grt = new Greetings("I am greetings");
Message msgAsGrt = new Greetings("I am greetings");
Koziolek / angular-drag-and-drop-lists.js
Last active September 20, 2017 13:28
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* angular-drag-and-drop-lists v1.2.0
* Copyright (c) 2014 Marcel Juenemann
* Copyright (c) 2014-2015 Google Inc.
* License: MIT
angular.module('dndLists', [])
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[ ? ] irqbalance [0/329]
[ - ] jenkins
[ + ] kerneloops
[ ? ] killprocs
[ ? ] kmod
[ ? ] lightdm
[ - ] lm-sensors
[ ? ] mysql
[ ? ] networking
[ + ] nmbd
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1 hour 20 min
Learn how to rewrite Git history. Practice in parallel work with remote repository. Get acquainted with Git specific commands: cherry-pick, rebase, stash, tag.
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package com.luxoft.tanks;
import java.util.Arrays;
* Created by BKuczynski on 2017-06-21.
public class Tanks {
final String[][] battleField = {
Koziolek / pom.xml
Created February 27, 2017 06:49 — forked from nicoulaj/pom.xml
Using JMH in a Maven project.
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project xmlns=""
<!-- Benchmark code goes into src/test/java -->