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Nekopara Data Extraction for Vol. 1, 0, 2, 3, and Extra

Nekopara Data Extraction for Vol. 1, 0, 2, 3, and Extra

  • These can also be used in other VNs that have the Kirikiri/CatSystem2 engine

Tools Needed:

Usage of KrkrExtract (extraction of assets for all games except Vol. 3)

  • First things first: You need the KrkrExtract .exe and .dll. If on Windows, disable Windows Defender Virus & threat protection first before downloading! On Windows 10, you can find this on: Windows Defender Security Center > Settings > Virus & threat protection settings > Turn off Real-time Protection
  • You may also add an exception to KrkrExtract.exe in Exclusions (also in Virus & threat protection settings)

Now for the actual usage:

  1. Put the KrkrExtract .exe and .dll in the game directory
  2. Drag the game .exe to KrkrExtract.exe. This should cause the game to open along with KrkrExtract
  3. Check Full Unpack (this can cause crashes, if it does you can skip this)
  4. Drag the .xp3 files to the KrkrExtract window, there will be a new folder called outPath with the extracted files
  5. You may repeat step 4 on all xp3 files

E-mote models (for all games)

  • Steps 2 and 3 are not needed for Extra! Nekopara Extra is also the best source for the E-mote models, as it contains ALL of the models used in all games!
  • The resulting .psb's (also called pure .psb's) can be used on the other tools in the FreeMoteToolkit. One usage is to view it with the FreeMoteViewer by dragging the pure psb to FreeMoteViewer.exe
  1. Extract the contents of emotewin.xp3 using KrkrExtract (emotedx.xp3 for Extra, for Vol. 3 using GARbro)
  2. Open a cmd window
  3. Drag EmtConvert.exe from FreeMoteToolkit to the cmd window, (insert space), drag the .psb/.psz to the cmd window, (insert space), insert the decryption key number (you can find this on the link above)
  • Usage is: EmtConvert.exe (PSB/PSZ file) (key)
  • You may repeat step 3 on all other psb's

Scene/script files (for all games except Vol. 3)

  1. Extract the contents of data.xp3 using KrkrExtract
  2. Go to outPath/data.xp3/scn
  3. You can now open the .tjs file using a text editor, or the better way, open the .scn file using KrKrZSceneManager (ScnEditorGUI)

Opening .amv files (for all games except Vol. 3)

  1. Most if not all .amv files are in adultsonly.xp3 so extract that first with KrkrExtract
  2. You can now use AlphaMovieDecoder to extract the frames of the .amv files (you can find usage in the README)

Usage of GARbro (extraction of assets for Vol. 3 only)

  1. Open the .int file in GARbro
  2. You can now extract everyhthing by selecting all, right-click, extract
  3. You can set up the extraction with the options: Extract images, Extract audio, Convert audio to common format, and Save images as your preferred format (PNG is recommended)
  4. You can now repeat these steps to all other .int files
  • For animated scenes in, you need to double-click the hg3 (eg. CG3_04c_anime.hg3) and you can now extract all the frames in there

Scene/script files (for Vol. 3 only)

  1. Extract the contents of using GARbro
  2. You can now open the .cstl files in CatSceneEditor (CatSystemEditor)

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phucsupper5 commented Feb 15, 2020

i can't find Krkrextract.exe file :v

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