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Aizistral /
Last active February 14, 2024 05:32
Research on Minecraft's global bans

Research on Minecraft's global bans

Date: 02.09.2022
Last Update: 24.12.2022
Author: Aizistral
In collaboration with: ejaussie, also known as British Empireball#3906

While I wish this could have been conducted sooner, this is the first verifiable ban case where I could contact the person banned. Some couple weeks ago I even purchased second Minecraft account with the sole intent of committing what would appear as bannable offense and being reported by one of my friends afterwards, which I sucessfully did; however, no action from moderation team followed. At the time this lead me to conclude that reports are not yet actioned on, which was perfectly explainable by unfixed exploits with chat reporting in 1.19.2. This case might indicate that reports are indeed actioned now, at least since the date of this research, but it is also possible that ban occured due to automated chat monitoring on Realms (see [Our Commitment to Player Safe

kennytv /
Last active May 8, 2024 06:32
Signed Chat and Chat Types

Signed chat

This gist intends on clearing up some of the misinformation surrounding signed chat/the reporting feature Mojang has added to Minecraft 1.19.1. Here you can find both technical information as well as a general explanation of how these work.

Profile keys

After joining a server, clients now send a profile key used for verifying a message's authenticity. This key and thus the whole signing process is optional, but by default, servers enforce secure profiles for clients to send chat messages. Whenever the player sends a chat message and has a key associated, the message will be signed using their own private key, which the server then verifies using the public key sent after join. Assuming signature, timestamp, and message contents line up, the message goes through.

On the other end, clients can also require all broadcasted player messages to be signed, disregarding the ones without sender verified signatures.

Message signatures

FxMorin /
Last active February 21, 2024 07:10 — forked from kyrptonaught/
The Scummy Behavior of mods that act like modpacks


Let me start by clarifying that the following doesn't exclusively apply to Debugify, but they serve as an excellent illustration of the heinous behavior outlined in the following. The mods in question shall therefore be collectively referred to as "Scummy Mods".

Scummy Mods are mods that incorporate or outright copy foreign code bases, without permission from the original author. They commonly state to either "replace" or "include" the original work, if any mention is given at all. Developing a mod is not easy. Many mod creators sacrifice significant chunks of their personal time and resources to their creations, essentially for free. Curseforge offers a symbolic compensation for the hours poured, but it's usually insignificant and just a nice bonus.

The Problem

The majority of the original projects are still in development. Since the creators behind Scummy Mods typically do not understand the code they copied to begin with, they lack the knowledge required to eliminate the bugs that will

SkyyySi /
Last active June 19, 2024 04:59
A list of alternatives after the shutdown of Vanced


These are the current alternatives (with links when possible):

RozeFound /
Last active January 28, 2023 05:19
Packwiz to Modrinth modpack format converter (outdated)
from pathlib import Path, PurePosixPath
import pkg_resources as dist
try: dist.require(['tomli']) # python -m pip install tomli
except dist.DistributionNotFound as Error:
exit( + f'\nThe following dependency is missing: {Error.req}"')
from tomli import load as parse_toml
TrueCP6 /
Last active January 29, 2024 16:09
A list of decently sized Forge mods ported or being ported to Fabric
gullyn / flappy.html
Last active May 4, 2024 15:35
Flappy bird in 205 bytes (improved!)
<body onload=z=c.getContext`2d`,setInterval(`c.width=W=150,Y<W&&P<Y&Y<P+E|9<p?z.fillText(S++${Y=`,9,9|z.fillRect(p`}*0,Y-=--M${Y+Y},P+E,9,W),P))):p=M=Y=S=6,p=p-6||(P=S%E,W)`,E=49) onclick=M=9><canvas id=c>
williambl /
Last active May 27, 2023 15:59
History of Fabric

[13:13] Prospector: modmuss started OML (open mod loader) which was targeting minecraft 1.10, as a project mostly for fun. a bunch of people jumped on board with it

[13:14] Prospector: there was a big problem with this project, and that was that it didn't really do anything better than forge. like there was a list of events people wanted to add and it was basically just the forge event list lol

[13:14] Prospector: there weren't very ideas with it

[13:14] Prospector: other than the fact that it used an open set of mappings, instead of MCP (called Open Mappings I believe)

[13:16] Prospector: OML pretty much died, and as 1.11 snapshots were rolling around, asie and modmuss started Fabric (after 2 name changes, Chorus and Prismarine) to play with these snapshots because some interesting changes were being made to the code, specifically to itemstacks. Fabric was determined to do things differently, using a modular approach, so you had fabric-loader, fabric-event-entity, fabric-resources, fabric-comm

comp500 /
Last active April 15, 2024 20:13
Useful Fabric server side mods
LambdAurora /
Last active June 7, 2024 18:40
Recommended OptiFine alternatives on Fabric

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