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Marneus68 / rm_r.c
Created May 1, 2012
Recursive file and directory removal in C
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int rm_r(const char* e_path)
DIR *dir = opendir(e_path);
struct dirent *ent;
if (dir == NULL)
/* error while opening the directory */
return -1;
View ClosureTest
using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections.Generic;
public class ClosureTest : MonoBehaviour {
public delegate void TestAction();
void Start () {
Dictionary<string, List<string>> dict = new Dictionary<string, List<string>>() {
{ "Foo" , new List<string>() { "Goo", "Hoo", "Ioo" } },

Howto Enable and Use A2DP Sink on Ubuntu Linux with Bluez

  1. Add Enable=Source to /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf right after [General].

  2. Find address in form XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX of phone with hcitool scan.

  3. Pair and trust smartphone with sudo bluez-simple-agent hci0 XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX and sudo bluez-test-device trusted XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX yes.

  4. Create loopback in pulseaudio connection bluetooth a2dp source with alsa sink:

Marneus68 / gist:5388522
Created Apr 15, 2013
Put a clock at the top right of your terminal sesion.
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while sleep 1;do tput sc;tput cup 0 $(($(tput cols)-29));date;tput rc;done &
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#!/usr/bin/env rc
cd /tmp
printf 'Cloning Textual... '
git clone -q ''
echo Done!
printf 'Cloning submodules... '
cd Textual
View iOS app transport security - info.plist
<!--Include to allow subdomains-->
<!--Include to allow HTTP requests-->
Marneus68 /
Created Apr 26, 2016 — forked from tadly/
A simple shell script to quickly / easily install "pacaur" on archlinux
# If you are new to arch, I encourage you to at least read and understand what
# this script does befor blindley running it.
# That's why I didn't make a one-liner out of it so you have an easier time
# reading and understanding it :)
# This scripts purpose is purly to save you a few seconds on your new installation.
# Enjoy your time on an awesome system. Arch FTW!
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<meta name="viewport" content="width=670">
body.battlescribe {
margin: 0px;
padding: 0px;
border-width: 0px;
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# UnityYAMLMerge fallback file
# Modify the next two lines if scene or prefab files should fallback
# on other that the default fallbacks listed below.
# %l is replaced with the path of you local version
# %r is replaced with the path of the incoming remote version
# %b is replaced with the common base version
View bash colors
if test -t 1; then
ncolors=$(tput colors)
if test -n "$ncolors" && test $ncolors -ge 8; then
black=$(eval tput setaf 0);
red=$(eval tput setaf 1);
green=$(eval tput setaf 2);
yellow=$(eval tput setaf 3);
blue=$(eval tput setaf 4);
magenta=$(eval tput setaf 5);
cyan=$(eval tput setaf 6);
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