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Maz Jaleel Mazyod

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Mazyod /
Created Jan 14, 2020
Rasa NLU training data migrator from JSON format to Markdown
import json
from pprint import pprint
from collections import defaultdict
from pathlib import Path
def main():
path = Path("./data.json").resolve()
Mazyod /
Created Jul 31, 2019
Progress Counter in Python - wrote it before discovering tqdm
from typing import List
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
class PercentageCounter:
"""Counter for stepping percentages over an arbitrary number
e.g. total = 10, step = 0.15 (15%) # progress is 10%, returns nothing # progress is 20%, returns 15 # progress is 30%, returns nothing (has to exceed step)
Mazyod /
Last active Apr 13, 2019
Directory/files watchdog in Python
import os
import logging
from queue import Queue, Empty as EmptyQueue
from time import sleep
from threading import Thread
from typing import List
logger = logging.getLogger("watchdog")
Mazyod /
Last active Oct 10, 2018
Build a universal iOS framework/library
set -e
# required arguments:
# WORKSPACE_DIR=Networking.xcworkspace
# SCHEME_NAME=Networking
# PRODUCT_NAME=Networking
Mazyod / flask-to-bottle.diff
Created Apr 3, 2018
Migrating from Flask to Bottle
View flask-to-bottle.diff
-import flask
-from werkzeug.http import Headers
+import bottle
[ ... ]
+# Remove "hop-by-hop" headers (as defined by RFC2613, Section 13)
+# since they are not allowed by the WSGI standard.
+ 'Connection',
Mazyod / safeAreaTopAnchor.swift
Last active Dec 9, 2017
SafeArea Top Constraint Setup, with Backwards Compatability
View safeAreaTopAnchor.swift
/** Safe area for status bar dodging only. If you use NavigationBars, this won't help.
let topConstraint: NSLayoutConstraint
if #available(iOS 11.0, *) {
topConstraint = headerContainerView.topAnchor.constraint(equalTo: safeAreaLayoutGuide.topAnchor)
} else {
let statusBarHeight = UIApplication.shared.statusBarFrame.height
topConstraint = headerContainerView.topAnchor.constraint(equalTo: topAnchor, constant: statusBarHeight)
set -e
CERT_NAME='3rd Party Mac Developer Application: [YOUR NAME]'
# remove existing meta files
find ${APP_NAME} -type f -regex '.*meta' -delete
View mix.lock
%{"connection": {:hex, :connection, "1.0.4", "a1cae72211f0eef17705aaededacac3eb30e6625b04a6117c1b2db6ace7d5976", [], []},
"db_connection": {:hex, :db_connection, "1.1.0", "b2b88db6d7d12f99997b584d09fad98e560b817a20dab6a526830e339f54cdb3", [:mix], [{:connection, "~> 1.0.2", [hex: :connection, optional: false]}, {:poolboy, "~> 1.5", [hex: :poolboy, optional: true]}, {:sbroker, "~> 1.0", [hex: :sbroker, optional: true]}]},
"decimal": {:hex, :decimal, "1.3.0", "418866ed19b8c2dace7860cf45ad017c521ff9c6d3a39da8d5974d277d8f079d", [:mix], []},
"ecto": {:hex, :ecto, "2.1.0-rc.3", "63905a289ae923f1819574d71e79a90db5b3fbe50dbdaa60ab6a8c534c4e16be", [:mix], [{:db_connection, "~> 1.0-rc.4", [hex: :db_connection, optional: true]}, {:decimal, "~> 1.2", [hex: :decimal, optional: false]}, {:mariaex, "~> 0.7.7", [hex: :mariaex, optional: true]}, {:poison, "~> 2.2 or ~> 3.0", [hex: :poison, optional: true]}, {:poolboy, "~> 1.5", [hex: :poolboy, optional: false]}, {:postgrex, "~> 0.12.0", [hex: :postgrex, optional: true]},
extern crate redis;
use redis::Commands;
use std::net::{TcpListener, TcpStream};
use std::thread;
use std::io::Read;
fn handle_client(mut stream: TcpStream) -> redis::RedisResult<()> {
Mazyod /
Created Oct 2, 2016
Max slice explained
# starting array
A = [5, -2, 10, 3, -25, 12, 6]
# calculating the max slice in O(n), starting from A[1]
# copy A into S, where the max slices are stored
S = A[:]
# instead of looping, I'll unroll the loop for simplicity
# so, at S[1], we either add the previous sum, or start over
# to decide that, we simply check the max between the element and the previous sum added
S[1] = max(S[1], S[1] + S[0])
# S = [5, 3, ...]
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