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Last active August 2, 2021 16:11
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Test Branch: Old World Version 1.0.53736 Test 7/26/2021
Main Branch: Old World Version 1.0.53736 Release 7/28/2021
Ambassador Job has been updated: Charisma boosts foreign opinion, Wisdom gives +1 culture per city, Discipline boosts family opnion.
Chancellor Job has been updated: Wisdom now boosts growth, Charisma boosts civics
The Cowardly Trait is now called Timid
Added Deceitful weakness (Trait): -2 discipline, -40 Opinion of Loyal Characters
AI will no longer steal city sites near the player unless "Play to Win" has been toggled.
All Mirror map scrips will place city sites along the center line
Agent networks costs have been updated. Their starting cost is 300 money and each additional agent will cost +100 more
Various help text updates
Ministry now has displays nation's color
Courthouse displays nation's color
Improvements to the wisdom shrine, including nation color
Improvements to war shrine, including nation color
Improvements to Fireshrine, including nation color
The retire button is now hidden when the game has completed
Motion blur is now Off by default
Added setting to turn off Depth of Field effect
tile/city/unit tooltips are anchored further to the right if minimap is minimized
Worker action panel has been updated
Technology Tree Screen has been updated
Tooltips have been added to map size, turn timer and turn style
Map hover text now displays a reccomended player count.
Tooltip added to overide max scaling options.
Unit List: Units that have promotions available are now highlighted with green text.
Minor adjustments to the event panels
Lobby Menu now shows more information about active games
Performance improvements to urban tiles and rivers
General improvement updates
Network MP: When the host quits just as the client is trying to join, the client will quit to the main menu
New Events:
Family Fury
The Monkey Reclaimed
Early Warning
The Forewarned Hour
Support for the Wicked
Friends in Far Places
The Plight of Pella
The Empress of Menefer
The End of Autonomy
Addressed issue where unit banner icons would flicker
Fixed issue with unit banner icon would show underneath city info UI element
We now show both Unlimbered and Hidden icons for Unlimbered ranged units in Trees with Tactician leader
Fixed issue with top bar sorting with full screen tabs
Fixed issue with trade networks when changing over from tribe settlement
Fixed issue where it was possible to promote units when at maximum level after upgrading them.
Cities will display last completed production even if the current production is cancelled
Fixed issue where a blank yield indicator would sometimes display
Minor event fixes
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When is russian language expected?

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dddt12 commented Aug 2, 2021

Hi there!

I just wanted to say that you create a community for people (other than that created for mods) to share their ideas so that you might implement them in the coming updates. This game, although innovative and in some respects even better than Civilization, still leaves a lot to be desired. One urgent thing to add, I think, is to give the option of choosing the number of turns to the user instead of fixing it on 200 years. It doesn't work on large maps and the game finishes before it actually matures. Other victory conditions like religious victory could be added and of course, other religions like Buddhism, Sikhism, Islam, etc. Many things that I believe you might add in the game's major future updates.

However, I still think introducing a community or at least enabling leaving comments in the game's weblog for the users could bring you lots of useful feedback, and humbly request that you do that.

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